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EW-Commodities Outlook – Supplemental – March/April 2024

by WaveTrack International| April 18, 2024 | No Comments

EW-Commodities Outlook – Supplement Highlights

  • Higher Rates for Longer
  • Credit/Recession Risks
  • Commercial Real Estate on Verge of Collapse
  • U.S. Debt Spiralling out of Control
  • De-Dollarisation Shift causes Downturn in US$ Dollar
  • Base Metals/Copper in Final Rally before Sustained Declines
  • 2021’s Downward Corrections Incomplete – Risk of -30% decline
  • Precious Metals in Bull Market
  • Gold to 2379.00+/- this Year
  • Silver to 37.75+/-
  • Platinum & Palladium to Outperform Gold and Silver
  • Gold Miners Bottomed in February Triggering Buy Signal
  • TTF Gas has More Downside
  • Natural Gas Approaching Major Lows
  • Crude/Brent Oil Approaching Completion of Important Corrective Rally
  • Heading Lower during next Several Months
  • EW-Commodities Outlook Supplement

    This latest update of the monthly March/April 2024 report is ‘Supplemental’ with key revisions for Copper, Iron Ore and a look at the larger picture of the Rare Earth ETF from VanEck Vectors. Also, updates for the GDX Gold Miners, the Gold/Silver ratio together with modifications for Energy contracts XLE and XOP. For other contracts, please refer to the March/April report published 15th March 2024.

    Iron Ore

    Fig #2 – Iron Ore – Weekly Chart – WaveTrack International –

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