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Apple Elliott Wave Update

In the latest update, Apple was described as advancing into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern in minute degree from the Jan.’14 low of 70.51. There are two most common fib-price-ratio measurements within an impulse advance: a fib. 61.8% extension and a fib. 61.8% correlative ratios. By extending the net advance of minutes wave 1 to […]Continue reading «Apple Elliott Wave Update»

Commodity Prices Can’t Go Up Before They Go Down Even More: An Interview With Peter Goodburn

Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts, At specific times in the development of an uptrend, the Elliott Wave analyst will find themselves in a ‘contrarian’ position to the underlying economic fundamentals that have given support at various stages of a bull market. This is also true in a downtrend, a bear market. This point of contrarianism for […]Continue reading «Commodity Prices Can’t Go Up Before They Go Down Even More: An Interview With Peter Goodburn»

An Update of Precious Metals & the ‘Inflation-Pop’

Even though bearish precious metal forecasts have dominated the investment scene over the last several months, it was very noticeable that social media interest ‘spiked’ when gold recently broke below the 18-month horizontal lows of 1180.00+/- during the late-October sell-off. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) had just announced the expansion of its quantitative easing programme […]Continue reading «An Update of Precious Metals & the ‘Inflation-Pop’ »

Long Term Russell 2000 Forecast

This is a powerful long-term chart basis fib-price-ratio measurements. Why? Well, it shows a quadruple convergence in a very tight price range between 1525.61-59.13 which usually attracts prices like a magnet. You won’t find many charts like that. Moreover, the advance that began from the October ’98 low of 303.87 is taking a specific Elliott […]Continue reading «Long Term Russell 2000 Forecast»

Nikkei 225 is hitting its upside targets right now!

The alternate scenario outlined in the last issue has gained in probability. This is primarily due to the US$/Yen’s development – the currency pair has reached its upside objectives and is poised for an immediate reversal. Moreover, the substructure of the upswing from the mid-October low of 14529.03 can be identified as a five wave […]Continue reading «Nikkei 225 is hitting its upside targets right now!»

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