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S&P 500 is struggling to rebound…

…but should do it as a minor wave b. The very short-term counter-trend rally from 1627.47 is likely to extend towards the ‘4th wave preceding’ area of 1669.51+/- prior to a resumption of the larger downswing in progress from the 1709.67 high. Next subsequent interim targets project to 1581.14 – ultimate objectives to be approached […]Continue reading «S&P 500 is struggling to rebound…»

VIX generates a short-term BUY S&P 500 signal

VIX index has traded back inside Bollinger Bands – statistically such an event generates a short-term buy S&P 500 index signal. Futures market held overnight lows, so a rebound wouldn’t be a surprise from the current price level.Continue reading «VIX generates a short-term BUY S&P 500 signal»

DAX hasnt completed its upswing

I think this chart summarizes the current stock market condition – U.S. markets have started their counter-trend rebound whilst European markets haven’t finished their five wave sequences. The Dax quickly recovered from last week’s low and is now on its way to ultimate upside objectives at 8645.55 to finalise a five wave expanding-impulse sequence from […]Continue reading «DAX hasnt completed its upswing»

Some serious drop overnight (India)

Back from holidays 🙂 As I can see, weak markets started to roll over. Hope all of you stayed safe, but don’t fall asleep – a buying opportunities are clearing up. India is showing extreme weakness. A dramatic sell-off during the last days has brought India’s Nifty already into min. original downside targets at 5282.30. […]Continue reading «Some serious drop overnight (India)»

S&P 500 medium-term analysis (Annual Holiday)

Here we go – I am leaving the office for the next two weeks for my annual holidays. It could be that I will miss a lot of action on the market, because it seems that topping process in most of the stock indices is approaching completion. Would like to leave with a bigger picture […]Continue reading «S&P 500 medium-term analysis (Annual Holiday)»

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