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Stock Index Mid-Year Video Series – 2020 | PART I/III

COVID-19 Aftermath II – Secular-Bull Market Uptrend Resumes! This report combines ELLIOTT WAVE with updated SENTIMENT & ECONOMIC INDICATOR STUDIES We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s mid-year 2020 video updates of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART I, STOCK INDICES – Parts II & III will be published during the next […]Continue reading «Stock Index Mid-Year Video Series – 2020 | PART I/III»

SP500 – Counter-Trend in Progress to 3213.75+/-

SP500 – Counter-Trend Zig Zag Rally in Progress from 2923.75 to 3213.75+/- For more details, see last Friday’s Elliott Wave Compass Report The SP500 began a corrective 2nd wave downswing from the June high of 3231.25 (futures). Labelled as minor wave ii. two, this unfolding into a minute degree a-b-c zig zag pattern, subdividing 5-3-5. […]Continue reading «SP500 – Counter-Trend in Progress to 3213.75+/-»

Italian ITY10yr Yield

The Italian ITY10yr yield has just broken below key support levels traded last week at 1.417% as the ECB commit to more funding – existing downside targets towards 0.993% remain on-track ECB and Yields The European Central Bank met earlier this afternoon, deciding on an extension of the Pandemic Purchase Programme (PPP) to at least […]Continue reading «Italian ITY10yr Yield»

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