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SP500 – Approaches Upside Targets!

SP500 – Leading/Expanding-Diagonal Approaches Upside Targets! SP500 August’s five wave overlapping diagonal is approaching upside targets of 3063.00+/-. Ahead of today’s Federal Reserve FOMC interest rate announcement. Very timely for a reversal-signature downswing. Deep retracement forecast through to year-end. But secular-bull uptrend remains very much in playContinue reading «SP500 – Approaches Upside Targets!»

Russia RTS Index – Decline Underway?

Russia RTS Index – Decline Underway Towards 1171.00+/- but Downside Risk to 990.00+/- Two Elliott Wave pattern developments dominate the short-term picture over the next few months – both confer a decline to minimum levels of 1171.00+/- but there is also a heightened downside risk of a sustained decline towards 990.00+/- as the concluding sequence […]Continue reading «Russia RTS Index – Decline Underway?»

Doomsday Dollar, FT and Peter Goodburn

US Dollar Highlight – This is Peter Goodburn’s response to a Financial Times article published in Monday’s newspaper entitled ‘The Doomsday Dollar Scenario’ by Rana Foroohar Monday 30th September 2019 Dear Ms. Foroohar, Just read your article on the US$ Dollar. Your reference Ulf Lindahl at AG Bisset as your source but notice you also […]Continue reading «Doomsday Dollar, FT and Peter Goodburn»

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