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Elliott Wave pattern of the month (US$ Index)

This month, we monitored a rare pattern that was described by R. N. Elliott himself in 1946. It is a variation of the standard flat sequence that is characterised by a 3-3-5 subdivision of its three price swings. The important difference to a ‘standard’ horizontal flat is that the ‘b’ wave of the pattern falls […]Continue reading «Elliott Wave pattern of the month (US$ Index)»

Would you sell it here? (Toyota Motor Corp. Elliott Wave analysis)

Last year we were asking “Would you buy it here?”: http://blog.wavetrack.com/toyota-motor-corp-elliott-wave-analysis/. Soon enough, Toyota Motor Corp. staged an upside reversal signature and the following advance unfolded into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern with completion into the Oct.’14 high of 6559. Remember the triple fib-price-ratio resistance level near 6550? This was almost the exact level there […]Continue reading «Would you sell it here? (Toyota Motor Corp. Elliott Wave analysis)»

Lonmin PLC begins its final stage of a multi-year bear market

Lonmin, the third-largest platinum miner by output, is struggling with its business since precious metals remain in their bear markets. Platinum is at its lowest price in almost six years. Investments cuts, workface layoffs and strikes become a new normal in this sector. However, one should keep in mind that precious metals are in their […]Continue reading «Lonmin PLC begins its final stage of a multi-year bear market»

S&P 500 – Join the ‘Being There’ moment in Financial History!

Have you wondered what direction the S&P is unfolding into lately? Since the late-March low formed at 2045.50, the index has traded to new record highs but it’s not been a straightforward advance – quite the contrary in fact! ‘Volatility’ seems to be a more accurate description of its upward progress as each advance is […]Continue reading «S&P 500 – Join the ‘Being There’ moment in Financial History!»

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