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Gold and Silver Update

Gold and silver has accelerated down since we did the last video update. Our team has prepared an updated video analysis on precious metals which is accesable here on our Youtube channel.Continue reading «Gold and Silver Update»

Hang Seng on a cliff!

We just wanted to share a perfect inflection point for the Hang Seng index: Last week’s high of 22034.38 is a perfect spot for a possible reversal. This is because original upside objectives basis a fib. 61.8% retracement towards 22106.37 are very close and a fib. 61.8% extension of the initial 19426.36-21004.56 advance pinpoints the […]Continue reading «Hang Seng on a cliff!»

DJ Utilities

A short-term reversal signature has already occurred pulling prices lower almost 2%. This significantly increases the probability of a completion of the entire counter-trend swing from 462.60 at this week’s high of 509.20 which would confirm downside continuation during the next several weeks ahead, with ultimate objectives measured to 421.50-15.58. However break above 509.20 will […]Continue reading «DJ Utilities »

New all time high, what’s next?

With a break above the May high of 1687.18, this count has been promoted to ‘preferential’ status. It advocates limited upside potential from current levels towards idealised targets at 1706.52. Await a reversal from there to confirm the completion of the June ’13 advance and initiate declines in the weeks ahead. Ultimate downside is then […]Continue reading «New all time high, what’s next?»

Alternative S&P 500 count

This count will be promoted to ‘preferential’ status should the S&P continue higher and break above the May high of 1687.18. It would trigger immediate upside potential to 1706.52 during the next trading days – a reversal from there would initiate a larger downswing to 1514.43-14.09 in the weeks ahead to finalise the larger ‘expanding […]Continue reading «Alternative S&P 500 count»

DAX is also quickly approaching its ultimate upside targets

Another market indicating about limited upside potential during the next several days. With additional upside during the latter half of last week, the Dax has traded into the 8199.51-8283.13 area. This sets the stage for a reversal signature from current levels that would confirm the completion of the counter-trend upswing from the June low of […]Continue reading «DAX is also quickly approaching its ultimate upside targets»

Back to regular update schedule :)

This time about DJ Utilities index – this special feature depicts the wave sequence for the Dow Jones Utilities Average from the late April high of 537.80. As the decline from there into the June low of 462.60 unfolded into a clearly discernible five price-swing sequence, it prevents us from thinking about sustained upside potential […]Continue reading «Back to regular update schedule :)»

Free Week ends tonight

  Our free week campaign ends tonight, but you can still register here and get access for our EW-Compass reports for the next week. Moreover, we have uploaded our last flagship monthly EW-Navigator report in a special tab. Enjoy! 🙂Continue reading «Free Week ends tonight»

EuroStoxx 50

Original short-term upside to 2625.29 has been achieved but as in the case of the U.S. indices, the substructure from last week’s low of 2494.54 implies an upside continuation. Idealised targets measure to 2709.47, the fib. 61.8% retracement – await a reversal signature there to confirm downside continuation in the weeks ahead. Ultimate downside objectives […]Continue reading «EuroStoxx 50»

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