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NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI)

A follow-up on NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI). For the record: goo.gl/pKSl29 Continue reading «NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI)»

Australia ASX 200

Due to the price spike into Wednesday’s low of 5372 which renders the sell-off from 5554 into a more complex single zig zag sequence, the ending diagonal in progress from the Feb.’14 low of 5052 now has to be described as an expanding type. This does not however change original upside targets that are still […]Continue reading «Australia ASX 200»

Crude Oil

Crude oil continues to trade in a very complex pattern sequence since establishing its upswing from January’s low of 91.24 into the March high of 105.22. Our latest short-term update describes a subsequent three wave decline from 105.22 into the March low at 97.28 followed by three waves up into the April high of 104.99 […]Continue reading «Crude Oil»

Crude Oil

The advance from the 1st of May low of 98.74 is seen as a counter-trend rally that is balancing the preceding sell-off from 102.20. The entire decline from 104.10 (outright contract) or 104.99 (continuation chart) can be labelled as a 1-2-1 sequence which limits current upside potential – the 102.20 high should not be broken […]Continue reading «Crude Oil»

India Nifty 50

The Nifty 50 has advanced into a similar leading expanding-diagonal pattern as compared to the Hang Seng from its Dec.’11 low of 4531.15 but has outperformed since last December, and only now approaching a terminal upside completion of the pattern at 6869.85. There is now an increasing risk that it has begun a severe multi-month […]Continue reading «India Nifty 50»

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