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Dow Jones – Expanding Flats + Triangles

Elliott Wave Patterns – Expanding Flats + Triangles The Dow’s (DJIA) recent advance from the mid-August low to levels not seen since early-February has followed a perfectly formed expanding flat correction from July’s high. The expanding flat conformed to exact fib-price-ratios and even included a triangle within its impulse decline for wave (c) Expanding Flats […]Continue reading «Dow Jones – Expanding Flats + Triangles»

SP500 – Higher-Highs but Approaching a Terminal Peak

The SP500 ‘s diagonal pattern from April’s low remains intact despite a break above last week’s high. A terminal peak approaches towards the 2870.00+/- level Despite the SP500’s intra-hourly five wave impulse decline from the July 25th high of 2849.50, the index has manged to secure a higher-high this week. Something that shouldn’t have occurred […]Continue reading «SP500 – Higher-Highs but Approaching a Terminal Peak»

Apple Inc. Extends Uptrend Following Quarterly Results

Apple Inc. Extends Uptrend Following Quarterly Results – Terminal High Projection to $228.42+/- Apple Inc. published its latest quarterly earnings earlier this week with strong numbers. It caused the share price to leap beyond the nearby resistance illustrated in the diagonal pattern (see update dt. July 23rd). • EPS: $2.34 vs. $2.18 (source: Thomson Reuters […]Continue reading «Apple Inc. Extends Uptrend Following Quarterly Results»

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