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Toyota Motor Corp. (Elliott Wave analysis)

Back in May ‘2014 we showed this Toyota Motor Corp. chart with a fib. 100% equality ratio and asked you one question: would you buy this equity here? The answer was YES and we shared this trading setup with all our subscribers: Here are the result – just few days after, this equity began an […]Continue reading «Toyota Motor Corp. (Elliott Wave analysis)»

EUR/USD – the low is still to come (Elliott Wave analysis)

The decline that began from the January ’13 high of 1.3711 is expected to unfold into an expanding flat pattern, labelled a-b-c in minute degree. A slight adjustments were made from our original forecast dated 05/09/14: The decline from the May ’14 high of 1.3993 must unfold into a five wave sequence that is not […]Continue reading «EUR/USD – the low is still to come (Elliott Wave analysis)»

McDonald’s Elliott Wave Update

In recent updates, the McDonald’s Corp. was described as unfolding into an expanding flat pattern that requires a lower low below 92.22 with ideal downside targets measured towards 90.65-90.58 (published on July 25, 2014): ‘The recent acceleration to the downside suggests the prolongation of the counter-trend decline that began from the April ’13 high of […]Continue reading «McDonald’s Elliott Wave Update»

S&P 500 daily analysis (EWT + Momentum study)

S&P 500 is topping. Yes, there are little doubts about that, the only question left is do we have one more additional upswing prior to staging the big decline or not? Last week we showed deteriorating weekly market internals, today we focus on the daily chart. Basis our preferential Elliott Wave count, the advance that […]Continue reading «S&P 500 daily analysis (EWT + Momentum study)»

S&P 500 weekly

The long-term momentum study of S&P 500 index shows deteriorating market internals in almost all over the place.  The highest RSI reading was recorded last year in May and since when it is diverging with a rising S&P 500 index. To keep this diverging pace RSI must stay below 72.53 (the last reading peak). Next […]Continue reading «S&P 500 weekly»

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