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S&P 500

Minor wave ii. two is shown as already having completed at the Nov.’12 low of 1343.35. The implication is that now a five wave expanding-impulse sequence is underway as minute wave 1. Min. upside targets to 1564.10 basis a fib. 161.8% extension of minuette wave [i] have already been approached. A slightly higher target can […]Continue reading «S&P 500»

EUR / US$ – bottom?

In our latest EW-Compass report published last Friday for our subscribers we noted: ‘Minor wave x. is a correction to the 1.2042-1.3711 advance that unfolded as a single zig zag. Wave x. began from 1.3711 and is shown unfolding into a double zig zag sequence, subdividing into minute degree, a-b-c-x-a-b-c. The first zig zag already […]Continue reading «EUR / US$ – bottom?»

S&P 500 – still searching for a top

The S&P is already close to original upside at 1564.10 and the substructure of the advance from 1485.01 suggests one higher high which converges with the 1564.10+/- area but could also extend to max. upside at 1579.93. Seen from the larger perspective, the advance from the Nov.’12 low of 1343.35 is seen as the finalising […]Continue reading «S&P 500 – still searching for a top»

Dow at the new all-time high!

Back in December 2010 when Dow was trading at 11500 we have made a forecast for a break to the new all-time high during the next few years. For the record, please take a look at the video we have published in our site: https://www.wavetrack.com/outlook-forecasts-2011.html Yesterday Dow broke to the all-time high confirming our ‘inflation-pop’ […]Continue reading «Dow at the new all-time high!»

S&P 500 – topping process

Really crazy and volatile week! Some good tips from previous two medium-term tops on S&P 500: We maintain our bearish outlook for the next few months. Last week’s advance remained below the 1530.94 high – thus, the S&P has set the stage for a downside acceleration that would confirm a larger downswing is in progress […]Continue reading «S&P 500 – topping process»

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