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Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update PART I/III

STOCK INDICES MID-YEAR VIDEO UPDATE 2022 Part I/III 2022’s Correction Hits Interim Targets – Final Lows in October-December Interim-Peak in Inflation This Year’s Equity Declines Forming Interim Lows Upward Correction set for Gains of +17% from May Lows into July Equites then Turn Down Again Until October-December Recession Fears Gain Traction Nasdaq/Technology Post Gains June-July […]Continue reading «Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update PART I/III»

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WaveTrack International is a financial price forecasting company dedicated to the Elliott Wave principle and work of the R.N. Elliott. Clients include Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Total/Absolute-Return/Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate and Market-Making/Trading institutions and informed individuals -- & just about anyone who is affected by directional price change.

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