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Peter Goodburn on CNBC

Today Peter Goodburn was attending in CNBC and explaining the big story developing in Emerging Markets and industrial metals. Check this video by clicking this link: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000248332Continue reading «Peter Goodburn on CNBC»

Tomorrow live on CNBC

CNBC – Live Interview with Peter Goodburn -tomorrow- 7 a.m. GMT, London time – 28th February 2014. This is a unique opportunity to listen to Peter Goodburn’s views for the base metals market on CNBC’s flagship show Squawk Box. Link in & watch the show live tomorrow! http://www.cnbc.com/id/15838652  Continue reading «Tomorrow live on CNBC»

New record high – S&P 500 Update

Cycle wave C is in upside progress beginning from the Oct.’11 low of 1074.77. It is taking the form of a five wave expanding-impulse pattern with several degrees of subdivision in its expanding 3rd wave as primary wave 3 that began from the secondary low of 1158.67. Intermediate wave (3) is shown with immediate upside […]Continue reading «New record high – S&P 500 Update»


A lot of excitement today in the precious metal market since gold and silver are breaking above their 200-day moving average.  However, our view remains the same – the larger declines are still in progress with lower lows yet to come. The advances that began in June ’13 depict gold is unfolding into a counter-trend […]Continue reading «Silver»


Facebook is maintaining the upside momentum. The advance that began from the Sep.’12 low of 17.55 is expected to unfold into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern labelled 1-2-3-4-5 in primary degree. Ultimate upside target is extended towards 66.58 and is derived by using a fib. 61.8% correlation ratio between the net advance of primary waves […]Continue reading «Facebook»

Interim update – S&P 500

The upside recovery from last Wednesday’s low of 1737.92 has been expected to act as a counter-trend sequence of the January sell-off with upside targets into the fib. 61.8% retracement level at 1806.86 or max. 76.4% at 1824.00+/-. Although this level is only now being tested, the problem is that the rally has had such […]Continue reading «Interim update – S&P 500»


As expected, S&P 500 is rebounding from a very oversold conditions. Strong price rejection from 1737.92 has validated minor wave a.’s conclusion at 1737.92. This implies no immediate downside continuation to original targets at 1720.64 but instead an advance towards idealised upside at 1800.00+/-. In a way, this simplifies the entire downswing from the 1850.84 […]Continue reading «S&P 500 + FREE WEEK»


  At the beginning of next month we are announcing a FREE WEEK of EW-Compass! Stay tuned for more details.Continue reading «FREE WEEK»

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