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geometric beauty and harmony (AMAZON)

R. N. Elliott’s monograph entitled ‘Nature’s Law’ published in 1946 dedicated an entire chapter to the geometric ratio and proportion qualities of the Elliott Wave Principle. This was the result of his earlier introduction to the Fibonacci Summation Series by Charles J. Collins.  Its application was ‘work in progress’ but unfortunately, R. N. Elliott passed […]Continue reading «geometric beauty and harmony (AMAZON)»

EW-Compass improvements!

Following on the results of the questionnaire (see EW-Compass announcement, March 13th), and in response to your feedback, we’ve decided to make some improvements to the report. We introduced and will rotate additional contracts that you voted for inclusion U.S. Russell 2000 index, Australian ASX200 and China’s Shanghai Composite index – we will also add […]Continue reading «EW-Compass improvements!»

S&P 500 major resistance level

The advance that began from the early Feb.’14 low of 1737.92 unfolded into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern, labelled in minuette degree, with a completion into the recent high of 1883.57. Extending the next advance between waves [i] and [iii] by a fib. 61.8% ratio it depicts the exact high of wave [v] at 1883.57. […]Continue reading «S&P 500 major resistance level»

Russia RTS

By no means we were projecting this downside target basen on current fundamental news, but the forecast published November ’13 remains in progress. The good news about that – the worst part for the Russia RTS index (wave 3rd of 3rd) hasn’t produced anything catastophic, so let’s hope only a downside momentum has left.Continue reading «Russia RTS»

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WaveTrack International is a financial price forecasting company dedicated to the Elliott Wave principle and work of the R.N. Elliott. Clients include Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Total/Absolute-Return/Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate and Market-Making/Trading institutions and informed individuals -- & just about anyone who is affected by directional price change.

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