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New Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update now available!

Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update 2023 Hightlights October ’22 Rallies Approaching Completion Systemic Financial Credit Risks Ahead U.S. Regional Banks Crisis Develops 2nd Fallout Recession Risks Heightened Central Banks Announce Terminal Interest Rate Peaks October ’22 Bearish Sentiment Turns into Bullish Extreme Overbought Conditions Most Indices Expected to Break Below Oct.’22 Lows AI Tech Frenzy […]Continue reading «New Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update now available!»

Forex + Bonds Mid-Year Video Part III/III

Forex + Bonds Mid-Year Video 2022 | PART III/III INCLUDES ANALYSIS ON MAJOR US$ DOLLAR PAIRS/CROSSES – ASIAN/EM CURRENCIES – MEDIUM-TERM CYCLES – LONG-DATED YIELDS US/EUROPE/ITALY/AUSTRALIA/JAPAN + MANY SPREADS Forex + Bonds Highlights US$ Dollar Peak into July High 16.25 Year Cycle Downtrend in Progress Euro/US$ Bottoms at 0.9952 Begins New Multi-Year Uptrend G10 Currency […]Continue reading «Forex + Bonds Mid-Year Video Part III/III»

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WaveTrack International is a financial price forecasting company dedicated to the Elliott Wave principle and work of the R.N. Elliott. Clients include Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Total/Absolute-Return/Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate and Market-Making/Trading institutions and informed individuals -- & just about anyone who is affected by directional price change.

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