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Today was the last update before the Christmas holiday festivities begin. We shall take the opportunity to rest the team a little during the following week or so and so the next post will be published early next year, 2013! Season’s greetings and wishing you success for 2013 – Peter Goodburn, Kamil & Martynas.Continue reading «Announcement»

S&P 500

The strong sell off from last Thursday to Friday has increased the probability that the S&P already topped out at 1448.00, slightly short of original upside targets to 1451.43. Although there is the possibility – due to increased short-term volatility – that the S&P could stage a finalising advance and nudge about last week’s high […]Continue reading «S&P 500»

S&P 500

The S&P staged one additional high last week towards 1438.59 but then quickly reversed. This level can be measured by internal fib-price ratios of the advance from 1343.35, as it precisely hit the fib. 38.2% extension of wave ‘A’ of the secondary zig zag from 1385.43. This corroborates the assumption that the S&P might already […]Continue reading «S&P 500»


A comparison between U.S. and European indices suggests the mid-November upswing has completed. For the S&P and Dow Jones, this advance represents wave ‘X’ within a larger counter-trend double zig zag decline that began from the October high whilst for the Eurostoxx 50, it ends a 5th wave within the larger impulse advance that began […]Continue reading «Summary»

WTI Track Record Portfolio

WTI_Track Record PortfolioContinue reading «WTI Track Record Portfolio»

Dow Jones 30

The Dow Jones is already approaching original upside targets at 13356.80. This means that any reversal from current levels would validate the resumption of the larger downswing from 13588.70. Downside targets to be achieved during the next few months remain towards 12221.50-069.40. This forecast is negated above 13588.70. Shorter-term, a break below 12765.30 would confirm […]Continue reading «Dow Jones 30»

India-CNX Nifty 50

Primary wave B that began from the 2010 high of 6335.90 and unfolded as a counter-trend sequence to wave A is shown to have completed at the 2011 low of 4531.15. The subsequent upswing to 5629.95 is labelled as ending intermediate wave (1). From there, wave (2) counter-trend declines are unfolding into a running flat […]Continue reading «India-CNX Nifty 50 »

Announcement: Tradersworld Expo Free Week! 10th – 14th December ‘12

The Traders World Online Expo #12 continues into its fifth week with WaveTrack International’s Peter Goodburn presenting his latest Elliott Wave price forecasts for 2013 and beyond. This video broadcast is absolutely FREE! to view, but only THIS WEEK – so don’t miss out! Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts, Peter’s outlook for 2013 describes the 18 […]Continue reading «Announcement: Tradersworld Expo Free Week! 10th – 14th December ‘12»


During the last few weeks, Apple Inc. has fluctuated in a volatile trading range between 505.75 and 594.59. There are no changes to preferential wave counts updated recently – a counter-trend decline that began from the April ’12 high of 644.00 completed an expanded flat pattern at the 16th Nov.’12 low at 505.75 and the […]Continue reading «Apple»

Although the S&P has been underperforming during the last days when compared with the European Eurostoxx 50, the advance from the recent 1385.43 low is still projected towards ultimate upside at 1451.43 during the next weeks. This is because the 1385.43 advance is interpreted as the finalising leg within a larger three price-swing sequence in […]Continue reading «»

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