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US$ Index – possible ending diagonal

With additional declines during the latter half of last week, the US$ index has significantly raised the probability of downside continuation in the months ahead as it confirmed a reversal signature from the 8449 high. This validates the completion of an ending-contracting diagonal that began at the Sep.’12 low of 7860 and initiates a five […]Continue reading «US$ Index – possible ending diagonal»

Wondering about the bigger picture?

Check out the latest ‘inflation-pop’ update here.Continue reading «Wondering about the bigger picture?»

Eurostoxx 50 drops in five wave sequence

Very short-term aspect, but very important in our opinion. Eurostoxx 50 declined in a five wave sequence from yesterday’s high – suggesting the larger declines have resumed. The following counter-trend rebound is expected to unfold into a single zig zag and once completed, acceleration to the downside is expected.Continue reading «Eurostoxx 50 drops in five wave sequence»

Stock market commentary

The S&P’s upside progress from the mid-November low of 1343.35 describes an Elliott Wave five wave impulse pattern approaching completion. Two fib-price-ratio measurements are used to define its completion – first, extending waves 1-4 by a fib. 61.8% ratio projects to 1668.68; this has now been surpassed during the last couple of days – second, […]Continue reading «Stock market commentary»

Silver – probably the biggest opportunity in commodities right now!

A major liquidation sell-order was received by the major bullion houses in early Asian trading that resulted in silver prices staging a sharp decline in early trading Monday having closed last week at 22.40 with prices tumbling to a low at 20.17. The low at 20.17 has ‘spiked’ straight into the downside targets that measured […]Continue reading «Silver – probably the biggest opportunity in commodities right now!»

S&P 500 Forecast May 2013 – Daily Chart

Here we are providing the bigger picture which supports our ‘inflation-pop’ scenario (for more details you can always can check the more detailed explanation in our 2013 forecast, a video cut has been published in youtube: VIDEO ). The main difference in this updated version of our daily chart is the restricted downside amplitude of […]Continue reading «S&P 500 Forecast May 2013 – Daily Chart»

Gold and Silver price analysis

Please watch this video for a long and medium-term Elliott Wave outlook of gold and silver price development. This presentation provides insights to the five wave impulse advance development from the October 2008 lows updating its current location within the trend and explains how recent declines in April 2013 fit into the larger picture: Gold […]Continue reading «Gold and Silver price analysis»

S&P 500 is never going down again, do you believe it?

The substructure of the advance from the April low of 1536.03 clearly indicates only a three price-swing rally to current levels. This shifts the probability in favour of this count which has been promoted to ‘preferential’ status. It suggests an expanding flat counter-trend sequence is unfolding from the mid-April high of 1597.35, with wave ‘A’ […]Continue reading «S&P 500 is never going down again, do you believe it?»

S&P 500 – seconadry count becomes primary

Although shorter-term counter-trend declines are due now, Tuesday’s break above 1597.35 has corroborated upside targets to 1634.13 during the next weeks. This would confirm the completion of the entire five wave impulse advance from the Nov.’12 low of 1343.35. A reversal signature from 1634.13+/- would then initiate a sustained correction in the months ahead with […]Continue reading «S&P 500 – seconadry count becomes primary»

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