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Slanting Flat

Everybody familiar with the Elliott Wave Theory can recognize these flat patterns –expanding, running and horizontal, however, have you ever heard of ‘Slanting Flat’ pattern? It is extremely rare but was originally discovered by R.N. Elliott. We think we found one just recently unfolding in 10 year Bunds contract: Flats are subdividing into a 3-3-5 […]Continue reading «Slanting Flat»


Quick post since markets are really volatile today. Germany’s 10 year Euro Bund future has reversed nicely from our original target (143.14), actually it missed only 0.03 points. Now everything is in place for a final upswing towards 145.35 to finish five wave expanding-impulse pattern.  (Become an EW-Compass report subscriber and see how this pattern […]Continue reading «BUND»


Germany’s 10 year Euro Bund future from the high of 146.26 to the low of 140.78 unfolded into a double zig zag pattern. It has reversed and now is unfolding into an expanding-impulse pattern, labelled [i]-[ii]-[iii]-[iv]-[v] in minuette degree. So far only three waves are visible which means the upswing that started from 140.78 is […]Continue reading «BUND»


Germany’s 10 year Euro Bund future spiked above 143.66 that eliminates some bearish counts. The price action remains in bullish manner, which off course should result in bearish action for global stock indices. Combining together with other reversal signatures in different asset classes, this provides strong evidence that Germany’s 10 year Euro Bund future is […]Continue reading «BUND»


Germany’s 10 year Euro Bund future spiked briefly below downside targets of 141.26 on the opening of today’s session with a low recorded at 140.78 but was quickly rejected with trading almost immediately pulling prices back above the Fibonacci convergence targets to confirm a reversal signature (see previous posts). This contract is negatively correlated to […]Continue reading «BUND – REVERSAL!»

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