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The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)

MID-YEAR (2015) ELLIOTT WAVE VIDEO UPDATE of GLOBAL MARKETS Dear Elliott Wave Enthusiast! It’s time to update you on many of the amazing developments that have occurred this year in GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS. We’ve begun to compile many of the medium/long-term Elliott Wave counts from the institutional EW-Forecast database to create two 70-90 minute videos […]Continue reading «The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)»

2015 FORECAST VIDEO has just been released!

Stock Indices (PART I) – Original S&P upside forecasts published October 2009 and updated in July 2012 forecast levels higher by +87% – those numbers are now being tested! In this video, you will discover: how this EW pattern and forecast was constructed why the Elliott Wave count was so accurate and why current levels […]Continue reading «2015 FORECAST VIDEO has just been released!»

A fib. 100% retracement level

One of the main Elliott Wave Theory rule says: wave 2 cannot retrace more than a fib. 100% of wave 1. It is allowed to erase all the gains/losses of wave 1 but it is not expected to create a new price extreme. The most common retracement level for wave 2 is a fib. 61.8% […]Continue reading «A fib. 100% retracement level»

DJ Utilities

A short-term reversal signature has already occurred pulling prices lower almost 2%. This significantly increases the probability of a completion of the entire counter-trend swing from 462.60 at this week’s high of 509.20 which would confirm downside continuation during the next several weeks ahead, with ultimate objectives measured to 421.50-15.58. However break above 509.20 will […]Continue reading «DJ Utilities »

Back to regular update schedule :)

This time about DJ Utilities index – this special feature depicts the wave sequence for the Dow Jones Utilities Average from the late April high of 537.80. As the decline from there into the June low of 462.60 unfolded into a clearly discernible five price-swing sequence, it prevents us from thinking about sustained upside potential […]Continue reading «Back to regular update schedule :)»

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