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Commodity Price Turn Ahead? Interview by Gail Fosler

NEWS ALERT | INTERVIEW by the Gail Fosler Group In a recent interview with Peter Goodburn by Gail Fosler important questions were raised Why could there be a major turn in Commodity markets? What impact this has for the global economy? Have central banks adopted policies of fostering inflation? Read more here http://goo.gl/BqpYbk About the […]Continue reading «Commodity Price Turn Ahead? Interview by Gail Fosler»

A huge test for EUR/USD is coming fast!

Syriza wins Greek election and EUR/USD tumbles down in the fastest pace since the July ’08 high of 1.6040. However, a seven-year decline is clearly overlapping and every Elliott Wave enthusiast should notice that it is composed of seven price-swings – a common characteristic of a counter-trend sequence. A fib-price-ratio analysis suggests a real test […]Continue reading «A huge test for EUR/USD is coming fast!»

ANNOUNCEMENT – PART II – VIDEO LAUNCH for Commodities & Currencies!

The latest edition of the Elliott Wave Compass report has just been released and WaveTrack’s long awaited Commodity and Currency video! Learn why Commodities & Currencies (PART II) – Commodity declines of the last few years are now approaching important downside targets that complete 3½+/- year corrective patterns that began in early 2011. Copper, Crude […]Continue reading «ANNOUNCEMENT – PART II – VIDEO LAUNCH for Commodities & Currencies!»

Reliance Communications (India)

Basis fib-price-ratio analysis, the decline from the Jan.’08 high of 845 to the Aug.’12 low of 47 has unfolded into a single zig zag pattern, labelled (A)-(B)-(C) in intermediate degree. Since the price history for this equity is limited, the following advance may have begun a new bull market with upside targets to record highs […]Continue reading «Reliance Communications (India)»

Crude Oil | 5 Waves Up! – Confirms Upside Momentum

For the first time in several months, Crude Oil has staged a five wave impulse upswing from a residual low, in this case, from the 44.20 level traded last Tuesday. This confirms a meaningful reversal-signature has occurred with upside continuity assured during the next several trading days to next levels at minimum 56.19+/- or max. […]Continue reading «Crude Oil | 5 Waves Up! – Confirms Upside Momentum»

EUR vs CHF | Time to let go!

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has just announced it is abandoning the Swiss Franc’s peg to the Euro. This was originally planned over 3-years ago in order to shield the Swiss economy from the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe. In early morning trading, the Euro has plunged lower from levels beforehand at 1.2000 to a […]Continue reading «EUR vs CHF | Time to let go!»

2015 FORECAST VIDEO has just been released!

Stock Indices (PART I) – Original S&P upside forecasts published October 2009 and updated in July 2012 forecast levels higher by +87% – those numbers are now being tested! In this video, you will discover: how this EW pattern and forecast was constructed why the Elliott Wave count was so accurate and why current levels […]Continue reading «2015 FORECAST VIDEO has just been released!»

USD vs YEN | Perfect Fib-Price-Ratio Harmonics!

Following Tuesday’s US$/Yen’s reversal-signature from the corrective low at 11806, the larger uptrend developing from the mid-Dec.’14 low of 11556 continues higher. This next sequence of the advance from 11806 ran into short-term resistance during Thursday’s session at 11997 but the overnight sell-off into early trading Friday is again showing itself unfolding into a classical […]Continue reading «USD vs YEN | Perfect Fib-Price-Ratio Harmonics!»

Nikkei-US$/Yen confirms uptrend

It’s no secret that there remains a positive correlation between the Nikkei stock index and the US$/Yen currency pair – see chart. But what is interesting at this time, especially when Crude Oil has again made headline news following another decline and U.S. stock markets like the S&P has given up a good proportion of […]Continue reading «Nikkei-US$/Yen confirms uptrend»

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