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Stock Index Video Outlook 2018

by WaveTrack International| December 29, 2017 | 9 Comments



Valuations High – But Secular-Bull Uptrend Intact!


Stock index uptrends are almost 2-year’s old as measured from their grand ‘RE-SYNCHRONISATION’ lows of Jan/Feb.’16. This re-synchronisation process was forecast as a future event back in December ’14 in WaveTrack International’s 2015 annual forecasts. It hinted that when the 5-year divergent trends of Developed/Emerging Markets/Commodities would realign. This would signal the emergence of the 2nd Phase of the ‘INFLATION-POP’. The inflation-pop was a term we used to describe how several asset classes were undergoing inflationary impulses induced by Central Banks monetary easing policies implemented after the financial-crisis.

So far, this 2nd phase of price advances has seen the benchmark S&P contract up by +48% per cent, the Eurostoxx 50 +38% per cent, the MSCI Emerging Market index +69% per cent and the CRB-Cash commodity index +24% per cent although it has given some of that back since. But can these gains be sustained for another year, into 2018?

Valuations High – But Secular-Bull Uptrend Intact!

Much has been spoken about stock market valuation models during 2017! And how they have unanimously highlighted overvaluations signalling an imminent end to the secular-bull uptrend. This annual EW-Forecast Report takes an in-depth look at Robert Shiller’s CAPE P/E ratio, the Price to Book Ratio of the S&P 500 and its Price/Sales ratio to see if these warnings have merit. We also update various sentiment indicators including the VIX, AAII Bullish Sentiment, the NYSE Advance/Decline ratio, Consumer Sentiment trends, U.S GDP trends and courtesy of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, the results of its Fund Manager Risk survey.

What this reveals is a two-fold approach to forecasting the Global/U.S. economy and the related trends/counter-trends of the major indices for 2018

The first focuses on the medium-to-long-term outlook, how indices are trending over the next couple of years or more

The second, a projection of the immediate near-term future leading into the first-half of 2018 and afterwards, into year-end.

Several investment banks are already posting their 2018 forecasts – for example, Morgan Stanley forecasts an S&P upside target for the coming year to 2750.00+/-, Goldman Sachs to 2850.00+/- and JP Morgan to 3000.00+/-. Widening the poll, the average forecast predicts the S&P 500 at 2819.00+/- by the end of 2018 but that’s only an annual gain of 5.4% per cent above current levels. To put this into perspective, the S&P is currently just shy of 2700.00 and it was trading at 2557.45 in mid-November, just 6-weeks ago! That’s a gain of 5.5% per cent – besides, we believe predicting a ‘year-end’ figure is worthless because of what could happen ‘in-between’ – does the S&P surge much higher first, then correct to these projection levels, or perhaps the index collapses lower first, then recoups those losses? These forecasts do not take any of these ‘possibilities’ into account – AND THAT’S VERY IMPORTANT!

Our price-forecasts are governed by Natural Law as translated through the Elliott Wave Principle. WaveTrack’s analysis is therefore dynamic and non-linear which means forecasting trends and their rhythms during the year, not just into year-end.

New Stock Index 2018 Video – PART I/III

For 2018, we expect to see more volatility in the markets. Over the last two years, since markets formed corresponding lows at the grand ‘RE-SYNCHRONISATION’ period of Jan/Feb.’16, it was relatively easy to predict surging price rises. But these gains across varying global markets have accelerated at a different pace, some advancing their wave counts ahead of others in a show of outperformance. This means it will be more challenging to predict the exact timing of retracement declines across the year as not all Elliott Wave patterns are aligned at their current location. So this makes it all-so-important to know the location of each index and its relationship with other global counterparts.

This new 2018 STOCK INDEX video is like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else in the world – it’s unique to WaveTrack International, how we foresee trends developing through the lens of Elliott Wave Principle (EWP) and how its forecasts correlate with Cycles, Sentiment extremes and Economic data trends.

We invite you to take this next part of our financial journey with us – video subscription details are below – just follow the links and we’ll see you soon!

Most sincerely,
Peter Goodburn
Founder and Chief Elliott Wave Analyst
WaveTrack International

Stock Index Video Content: 54 charts

• CRB-Cash index
• S&P 500 + Cycles
• Dow Jones Industrial Average
• S&P Price/Book Ratio
• S&P Price/Sales Ratio
• S&P CAPE P/E Ratio
• VIX Volatility Index
• AAII Bullish Sentiment
• NYSE Advance-Decline
• Bank of America/Merrill Lynch FMS Survey
• Consumer Sentiment
• US GDP data
• Nasdaq 100
• Russell 2000
• KBW Banking Index
• XLF Financial
• Value (SVX) vs Growth (SGX)
• S&P/DJ-Internet Spread
• XLK Technology
• Eurostoxx 50
• Xetra Dax 30
• FTSE-100
• MSCI Emerging Market
• Bovespa
• Russia RTS
• Nifty 50
• MSCI China
• Shanghai Composite
• China Enterprises
• MSCI Hong Kong
• Hang Seng
• Taiwan SE Weighted
• Singapore Straits
• ASX 200
• Nikkei 225


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