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Slanting Flat

by m.tamosauskas| December 6, 2013 | No Comments

Everybody familiar with the Elliott Wave Theory can recognize these flat patterns –expanding, running and horizontal, however, have you ever heard of ‘Slanting Flat’ pattern? It is extremely rare but was originally discovered by R.N. Elliott. We think we found one just recently unfolding in 10 year Bunds contract:


Flats are subdividing into a 3-3-5 waves sequence, for any kind of usual flat wave ‘B’ must trade below wave ‘A’ starting point that creates a new price extreme, but in a case of slanting flat, wave ‘B’ ends in the price territory of wave ‘A’. As can be seen on this particular example (Bund 10yr, 120 mins.) minuette wave [a] ended at 140.53 and was followed by minuette wave [b] that completed at 141.88 – in a range of minuette wave [a]’s territory (142.32-140.53). Finally, the subsequent decline unfolded into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern as minuette wave [c] with a completion at 139.75. This pattern is complicating to predict but we hope to record more of these examples and do a research to improve predictability in the future.



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