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Nasdaq100 – Fib-Price-Ratios Pinpoint Friday’s Peak

by WaveTrack International| June 12, 2017 | No Comments

Nasdaq100 - Track Record for Fibonacci-Ratio Success

Nasdaq100 – Track Record for Fibonacci-Ratio Success

Which Fibonacci-Price-Ratios were pinpointing Friday’s Peak for the Nasdaq100?

Nasdaq100 responds to Fib-Price-Ratio projection for terminal 5th wave towards 5901.50+/-. Actual high at 5907.50 – down 238.50 points (-4% per cent)!

This 5th wave is the final impulse sequence that began from last November’s low of 4558.50 – it measures a fib. 61.8% ratio of the nett advance between the 1st-3rd wave sequence that completed into the early-March high of 5400.00.

Once again, the fib. 61.8% ratio has confirmed geometric consistency in forecasting major reversals. A counter-trend correction has since begun and this is expected to last the next few weeks prior to a resumption of the larger uptrend.

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