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Stock Index Video Series available now – PART I/III

by WaveTrack International| June 6, 2017 | No Comments

Stock Index Video Series | PART I/III

Stock Index Video Series | PART I/III

STOCK INDEX HIGHLIGHT – Technology Sector leads the way higher!


For the stock index market 2016 marked the Elliott Wave pattern realignment of Developed Markets (DM’s) and Emerging Markets (EM’s) within the secular-bull uptrend, in what we termed as the grand ‘RE-SYNCHRONISATION’ process. Currently, 2017 has so far been the year where the TECHNOLOGY SECTOR leads the way higher!

Since updating the medium-term outlook for the various indices last December/January, the bullish forecasts have yielded huge gains in just 6-months – the benchmark S&P 500 is up +8.0% per cent but the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 is up by a massive +19.6% per cent. But can this outperformance last?

Well, that depends on our current location within the SECULAR-BULL-UPTREND. But in order to answer the question, we must first revisit the main themes that we’ve highlighted over the last several years in order to get a fix on the market’s positon.

Three’s into Five’s

Winding the clock back to December ’14, the annual EW video/forecasts for 2015 re-examined the bullish zig zag forecasts that originated back in 2010 which described the S&P 500 approaching a major high towards targets of 2139.37 – the actual high was 2134.72. When we checked the location of other global indices and commodities, we could see that they were still engaged in a decennial advance from the financial-crisis lows that would stretch into the end of the decade. For a major stock market peak to occur, all would need to be aligned, just as they were at the peaks of 2000 and 2007 – but this time they weren’t. This realisation translated itself into the current secular-bull-uptrend schematic for all the major U.S. indices.


A year later, in December ’15, we could see that Emerging Markets and Commodities were in the final stages of counter-trend declines that originated back at the 2011 peaks. One additional but hefty decline was forecast into early-2016 but then forming a major low, turning around and heading higher to begin the 2nd phase of the INFLATION-POP. This also occurred at the same time major Developed Market indices were ending the largest percentage declines since 2011 – the S&P sank by -15% per cent into the Feb.’16 low. The annual 2016 EW video/forecasts termed the dual corrective lows in Developed and Emerging markets as the grand ‘RE-SYNCHRONISATION’ process. This was a major event that could only be appreciated for its importance from an ELLIOTT WAVE perspective.

When the post-financial-crisis recovery occurred, the developed and emerging markets, even commodities were all aligned in positive correlation. This was maintained until late 2012 when DM indices soared to new record highs whilst EM’s and commodities traded lower. This divergence was a necessary function of each’s specific Elliott Wave pattern development. DM indices were engaged in five wave secular-bull impulse uptrends whilst EM indices and Commodities were adhering to a totally different pattern – an advancing three wave decennial zig zag!

In order to reach their individual upside destinations years into the future, there had to be a period of divergence, where the normalised positive-correlation would break down. How else can a five wave impulse pattern be ‘overlaid’ to a three wave zig zag? At some stage, they will separate before re-synchronising later, and that is exactly what happened during 2011-2016.

Technology Outperformance

The January/February ’16 re-synchronisation means that major DM and EM indices along with commodity markets were set to trend higher, together. This is why global economic growth has made headline news for most of last year, then given another energised prod following Donald Trump’s appointment as President. The news fits the established uptrend!

Those uptrends have continued this year, in 2017 although there has been a marked outperformance in the Nasdaq 100. Which comes back to our question – can it continue? Yes it can, at least until the five wave impulse pattern that began from the Feb.’16 low ends later this year.

Within the secular-bull uptrend, its 3rd wave is approaching upside completion which is expected to complete late-2017/early-2018 so outperformance is expected to be maintained until then. There will be shorter-term retracements along the way though, and these will inevitably cause pockets of underperformance simply because the Nasdaq 100 has a much higher ‘beta’. But there’s safety in knowing the direction of the dominant trend.

Sentiment & Economic Indicator Studies

This latest MID-YEAR 2017 STOCK INDEX video series takes an in-depth look at all these major developments, adjusts and updates price-levels from earlier this year using our proprietary FIBONACCI-PRICE-RATIO methodologies. But we also add some major SENTIMENT & ECONOMIC INDICATOR STUDIES too!

R.N. Elliott recognised that human behavioural excesses often precede or are at least aligned to important reversal-signatures. As a result, in today’s modern era of collective data retrieval, these excesses are often visible in sentiment indicators. The video also takes a look at various measures, the VIX volatility index, NYSE Advance-Decline ratio, the S&P’s COT data, extracts from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch’s latest Fund Manager Survey together with results from AAII’s bullish sentiment survey and Elliott Wave analysis of U.S. Consumer Sentiment and Gross Domestic Product.

It all makes fascinating reading – viewing!

New Stock Index Mid-Year Video Forecast

This MID-YEAR 2017 STOCK INDEX video is like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else in the world – it’s unique to WaveTrack International, how we foresee trends developing through the lens of Elliott Wave and how its forecasts interplay with Cycles, Sentiment extremes and Economic data trends.

We invite you to take this next part of our financial journey with us – video subscription details are below – just follow the links and we’ll see you soon!

Most sincerely,
Peter Goodburn
Founder and Head Elliott Wave Analyst
WaveTrack International

Stock Index – Contents: 46 charts
• S&P 500 + Cycles
• Dow Jones Industrial Average
• Vix Volatility Index
• NYSE Advance-Decline
• S&P 500 COT data
• Bank of America/Merrill Lynch FMS Survey
• AAII Bullish Sentiment
• Consumer Sentiment
• US GDP data
• Nasdaq 100
• Russell 2000
• KBW Banking Index
• XLK Technology
• XLY Consumer Discretionary
• XLE Energy
• NDX-BioTech
• Eurostoxx 50
• Xetra Dax
• FTSE-100
• MSCI Emerging Market
• Bovespa
• Russia RTS
• Nifty 50
• MSCI China
• Shanghai Composite
• China Enterprises
• MSCI Hong Kong
• Hang Seng
• Singapore Straits
• ASX 200
• Nikkei 225

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