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KBW Bank Index: U.S. & European Banks – Correction Over? Or Bust?

by WaveTrack International| February 10, 2016 | 5 Comments

In WaveTrack’s May 2015 forecast (May 14th 2015 – this report is available for free via the Research Pool website) the U.S. KBW Banking index highlighted an imminent downside risk for the banking sector. What we witness now has already been predicted nearly a year in advance by Peter Goodburn head analyst and founding partner of WaveTrack International.

KBW Bank Index - May 2015 Forecast! Current levels hit the exact upside targets!

KBW Bank Index – May 2015 Forecast! Current levels hit the exact upside targets!

Banking stocks that made headline news once again this week as the price of shares in Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank plunged ever lower. Commentators are already comparing these recent declines to those seen during the Lehman crisis of 2009 – but are these declines symptomatic of a new secular-bear downtrend, or are they simply deep corrections within a brighter outlook?

The Update covers the KBW Banking Index as well as Goldman, Deutsche Bank and EuroStoxx Banks charts.

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