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Solar Eclipse, Donald Trump, 7-Year Cycle and The Harbinger

by WaveTrack International| August 24, 2017 | No Comments

The Harbinger,<br />Solar Eclipse, Donald Trump and 7-Year Cycle

The Harbinger, Solar Eclipse, Donald Trump and 7-Year Cycle

The Harbinger by Johnathan Cahn or SHEMITAH REVISITED

Monday’s U.S. Solar Eclipse was quite an event, even though I was only viewing this from a live streaming event hosted by NASA. We’ve had two solar eclipses in Munich, Germany since I arrived eighteen years ago and on both occasions, took photographs of the moon’s gradual transit across the sun until just the corona was visible – amazing! But what has that to do with The Harbinger or our ‘Shemitah Forecast‘ two years ago?

The eclipse triggered another memory – it was reading Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger book whilst on my annual sabbatical (summer recess/vacation) a few years ago. I thought this to be a very intelligently written and well-researched book on how the Harbinger reveals a potential path of redemption for the U.S. and the World. It refers to the Bible’s various passages related to solar eclipses and its portent:

Matthew 24:29
‘The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken’

The Harbinger, Solar-Ecplise and Donald Trump

President Trump, as head of state, seems bent on an unintentional path of self-destruction. In the light of this I wondered what his administration represents at a time of heightened geopolitical tension – especially in connection to the prophecies in ‘The Harbinger’. When I dipped briefly into Jonathan Cahn’s blog, I read that he has it on good authority that some of President Trump’s closest allies are aware of the Harbinger and some of its prophecies. Donald Trump was born on an eclipse day, adding to the intrigue and drama. Does yesterday’s solar eclipse have significance for Trump given its transit across the United States?

One of the interesting aspects of The Harbinger was its description of the 7-Year Shemitah cycle. I took some interest in this, and thoroughly checked it out. My conclusions were aired in the Elliott Wave Navigator report dt. August 10th 2015. 1508_The Elliott Wave Navigator – Complimentary PDF-Download. It mainly dramatised stock market ‘shocks’ around a 7-year period and the 50-year Jubilee year in September ’15. These cycles did signal the sharp accelerative decline of -10.7% in August and the resulting recovery which our analysis averaged historically to +23.7% per cent – the following advance was more like +18.9% per cent – pretty good! Compare BEFORE & AFTER – fig’s #1 & #2.

Dow Jones 30 Index - Daily - Forecast 9th August 2015 - 7 Year Cycle Forecast inspired by The Harbinger Jonathan Cahn

Fig #1 – Dow Jones 30 Index – Daily – Forecast 9th August 2015

Dow Jones 30 Index - Daily - Result 22nd August 2017 - 7 Year Cycle Update inspired by The Harbinger Jonathan Cahn

Fig #2 – Dow Jones 30 Index – Daily – Result 22nd August 2017

The Paradigm

I haven’t returned to the Harbinger or the 7-year cycle since, mainly because the next 7-year event is still some way off. But I did discover that Jonathan Cahn is preparing to publish his next book next month, entitled ‘The Paradigm’ on September 19th. Sadly, it will come too late for this year’s sabbatical, but this might be worth taking a look. Maybe it reveals another aspect of the 7-Year Shemitah cycle relevant to the current SECULAR-BULL UPTREND?!!

Most sincerely,
Peter Goodburn


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