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Commodities Video 2018 Mid-Year Update!

by WaveTrack International| July 4, 2018 | 2 Comments

COMMODITIES Elliott Wave VIDEO Update by WaveTrack International -Elliott Wave @ its best!

In this COMMODITIES VIDEO you find out why Base Metals Engaged in Multi-Month 2nd Wave Correction – Why there is a Pause in Inflationary Pressures – Why there will be Gold & Silver Rallies within overall Declines – and Why Crude/Brent Oil end 2 1/2 Year Advance!

We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s mid-year 2018 video updates of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART II, COMMODITIES – Part I was released last month and Part III will be published later this month, in July.

• PART I – STOCK INDICES – out now!

January’s Forecasts for 2018 – REVIEW

In January’s Annual 2018 EW-Forecast Commodities Video, several key commodity events were highlighted –

Base metals – were identified as ending their 1st wave upswing within the 2nd Phase of the ‘INFLATION-POP’ uptrend that began from the Feb.’16 lows. January’s report forecasted a hefty 2nd wave correction unfolding through 2018
Precious Metals – gold was bullish at the beginning of the year when prices were just edging higher, above the late-December ’17 low of 1236.44 – the next cycle peak was forecast in June ’18 – silver was bullish too, but there were downside risks in the equity miners – GDX was forecast to dip to 19.30+/- and XAU to 63.85+/-
Crude oil cycles were still moving higher last January but they were next due to form a peak in August ’18 – meanwhile, crude oil was trading at 60.39 but was forecast up to 78.90+/- perhaps even 88.80+/-. Brent oil was trading at 66.92 with upside forecasts to 77.22+/-, max. 93.80+/-. The benchmark XLE Energy (equity) ETF/index was trading at 72.87 and set to resume its intermediate-term uptrend

How did these Elliott Wave price-forecasts pan out?

The first 6-months has seen some amazing price moves, especially given the accompanying event-driven background of geopolitics and trade-tariff disputes triggered by U.S. President Trump. One immediate impact of U.S. foreign policy was to slap Russian oligarchs with more sanctions. Now, this briefly sent a couple of BASE METALS soaring higher but then collapse shortly afterwards. Others that weren’t affected formed synchronous peaks that ended 1st wave uptrends within the ‘inflation-pop’ schematic – and right on schedule! Aluminium and Nickel, two metals that were listed on the Russian oligarch list formed peaks in April whilst others like Lead and Zinc formed corresponding higher earlier, in February – Copper in June. As a result forecasts for a ‘hefty’ 2nd wave correction are already underway with Copper down -11%, Zinc -21%, Aluminium -22% per cent.

Gold & Silver Rallies within overall Declines

PRECIOUS METALS began the year in-line with bullish forecasts. However, by late-January/early-February, when the US$ dollar was seen ending its five wave impulse downtrend that began from the January ’17 peak, it became more obvious that precious metals would stall with the next major uptrend. Only being interrupted by a temporary multi-month US$ dollar strengthening period. Despite rising inflationary expectations at the time, a contrarian bearish forecast for gold was updated to show prices being capped amidst a dollar upside correction. Silver was also set to prolong its corrective decline that began from the Aug.’16 peak. Platinum would also remain under pressure but its long-term outperformance switch remained in focus.

Crude/Brent Oil end 2 1/2 Year Advance

CRUDE and BRENT OIL formed the charge higher into the first 6-month period of 2018. Most noteworthy they remain the outperforming commodities for the year. Crude oil is up by +23% per cent and Brent oil is higher by +20% per cent. OPEC’s decision earlier in the year to limit production has had a huge impact to the point where global stocks are at historically low levels. There are hints to increase production from the Saudi’s and perhaps Russia but this is opposed by Iran. But overall, Elliott Wave forecasts have performed perfectly into mid-year but prices are now approaching those all-important upside targets – how will they develop for the remainder of this year?

The Next 6-Months

One of the themes that was forecast in last January’s video series was the impact of the US$ dollar’s inevitable turn-around. Its 2017 five wave impulse decline was coming to an end, completing the 1st wave within its 7.8-year downtrend cycle. But a 2nd wave would usher in a period of multi-month strength which would then pull Emerging Markets lower and Commodities too.

The US$ dollar has certainly strengthened from February’s low into June’s high, but this is only part of its 2nd wave correction – there’s more to come once a shorter-term downswing has ended. That means more downside pressure for Commodities throughout the remaining period of 2018.

New Commodities Video Mid-Year Update – PART II/III

This latest mid-year 2018 video update of Elliott Wave Commodity prices takes a look through each sector, BASE METALS – PRECIOUS METALS – ENERGY and determines price trends and key reversal-signature levels for the next several months. These are not arbitrary price-points or randomly chosen Elliott Wave counts – they are compiled with PRECISION & ACCURACY applying WaveTrack International’s unique combination of Pattern-Recognition and Fibonacci-Price-Ratios.

This new mid-year 2018 COMMODITIES video is like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else in the world – it’s unique to WaveTrack International, how we foresee trends developing through the lens of Elliott Wave Principle (EWP) and how its forecasts correlate with Cycles and major contracts of other asset classes from around the world.

We invite you to take this next part of our financial journey with us – video subscription details are below – just follow the links and we’ll see you soon!

Most sincerely,

Peter Goodburn
Founder and Chief Elliott Wave Analyst
WaveTrack International

Contents: 69 charts | Lenght: 2 hours
• US$ Cycle
• CRB-Cash index + Cycles
• Copper + Cycles + Correlation Studies
• Aluminium
• Lead
• Zinc
• Nickel
• Tin
• Iron-Ore + Correlation
• XME Metals & Mining Index
• BHP-Billiton
• Freeport McMoran
• Antofagasta
• Anglo American
• Kazakhmys Copper
• Gold + Cycles
• GDX Gold Miners Index
• Newmont Mining
• GoldCorp Inc.
• Amer Barrick Gold
• Agnico Eagle Mines
• AngloGold
• Silver
• Silver Correlations
• XAU Gold/Silver Index
• Gold/silver Ratio
• Palladium Correlations
• Palladium
• Platinum Correlations
• Platinum
• Crude Oil + Cycles
• Brent Oil
• XLE Energy SPDR Index

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