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New EW-Commodities Outlook

EW-Commodities Outlook Highlights Heightened Risk of Recession Persistently High Interest Rates from CB’s Knocks Global Economies into Downturn Monetary Liquidity Tight Risk of a Credit-Crunch Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Refinancing Causes Defaults in both U.S. and China Drives Risk-Assets/Commodities Lower, US$ Dollar Higher Stage set for Big Declines Copper Heading Lower, decline of -28% Iron-Ore -17% […]Continue reading «New EW-Commodities Outlook»

New Commodities Video Outlook 2023

Commodities Video Outlook 2023 – ‘Let’s review the main drivers for COMMODITY prices – Inflation, Interest Rates, the likelihood of an Economic Recession and trends in the US$ Dollar’ We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s annual Triple Video Outlook 2023 of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART II, COMMODITIES – Part […]Continue reading «New Commodities Video Outlook 2023»

Stock Indices Video Outlook 2023

Stock Indices Video Outlook 2023 2022’s CORRECTION RESUMES IN 2023!! Highlights 2022’s Correction far from Over Another -28% to -30% Decline Ahead Following Dow Jones’ Rally of +22% in October-December Upswing No Definable Underperformance in 2023 S&P 500 same as Nasdaq 100 Small-Cap Biotechnology to Outperform as a Sector Recession Sharp and Deep – Major […]Continue reading «Stock Indices Video Outlook 2023»

Elliott Wave Commodities Update

Main Drivers for Commodities are Inflation, Interest Rates and US$ Dollar – Inflation Peak, Rising Interest Rates, Peak US$ Dollar Major Headwinds – Base Metals Completing July’s Counter-Trend Rallies, Heading Lower Now – Precious Metals Bottoming with Short-Term Downside Risk – Energy forming Interim Lows, Heading Higher into Year-End Commodities Prices – 3 Main Drivers […]Continue reading «Elliott Wave Commodities Update»

FANG+ Rallying Higher from October Low

FANG+ Rallying Higher from October Low as Expanding Flat Pattern – Completion Due Year-End but then Declining together with Global Indices as Final Sequence of 2022-2023 Counter-Trend Decline – Downside Targets Considerably Lower FANG+ Rallying Higher This month’s report updates several technology stocks which themselves are components of the FANG+ index. We’ve selected 6 FROM […]Continue reading «FANG+ Rallying Higher from October Low»

EW-Commodities Update

Commodities – Base Metals Mixed – Copper & Lead Higher, Aluminium & Zinc Lower – Precious Metals Bottoming, Beginning New Multi-Year Uptrend – Natural Gas Rebound After Massive Declines – Crude/Brent Oil Continue Counter-Trend Rallies from September’s Lows Natural Gas Prices – Elliott Wave Forecasts predicted the decline! Commodities Highlight! European TTF Gas prices have […]Continue reading «EW-Commodities Update»

Commodities Trading Opportunities

The ELLIOTT WAVE COMMODITIES OUTLOOK September 2022 Report Largest Commodities Risk-Off 2022! The largest declines in this year’s risk-off, inflation surge environment has been in Base and Precious Metals. Copper is down -35% per cent and Gold is down -18% per cent whilst Energy contracts like Crude Oil are down by -34% per cent from […]Continue reading «Commodities Trading Opportunities»

Forex + Bonds Mid-Year Video Part III/III

Forex + Bonds Mid-Year Video 2022 | PART III/III INCLUDES ANALYSIS ON MAJOR US$ DOLLAR PAIRS/CROSSES – ASIAN/EM CURRENCIES – MEDIUM-TERM CYCLES – LONG-DATED YIELDS US/EUROPE/ITALY/AUSTRALIA/JAPAN + MANY SPREADS Forex + Bonds Highlights US$ Dollar Peak into July High 16.25 Year Cycle Downtrend in Progress Euro/US$ Bottoms at 0.9952 Begins New Multi-Year Uptrend G10 Currency […]Continue reading «Forex + Bonds Mid-Year Video Part III/III»

New Mid-Year COMMODITIES Video Update available

‘COMMODITIES CORRECTION WELL UNDERWAY’ – ‘PAUSE WITHIN INFLATION-POP’ CYCLE’ – ‘BASE METALS REACH INTERIM LOWS’ – ‘PRECIOUS METALS CONTINUING DOWNWARD CORRECTION’ – ‘ENERGY, CRUDE/BRENT OIL BEARISH’ We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s Mid-Year Video Update of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART II, COMMODITIES – Part I was released last month […]Continue reading «New Mid-Year COMMODITIES Video Update available»

Commodity Highlights

‘COMMODITY CORRECTION DURING NEXT 6-8 MONTHS’ – ‘PAUSE WITHIN INFLATION-POP’ CYCLE UPTREND’ – INFLATIONARY PRESSURES EASE – Base Metals Turning Down – Energy Resuming March’s Decline – Precious Metals Testing Important Support Levels – Gold Miners Remain Bullish Extract from May’s Elliott Wave Commodity Outlook Report Commodity May Report – In This Edition Base Metals […]Continue reading «Commodity Highlights»

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