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Currencies + Interest Rates Video Outlook 2022 | PART III/III

Currencies + Interest Rates Video Outlook 2022 | PART III/III Currencies – US$ Dollar Index Approaching 14-Month Corrective Upside Target – Next Declines Begin Multi-Year Downtrend – US$ Dollar Devaluation Ahead – Loss of Confidence as Reserve Currency – G10 Currency Pairs Begin New Uptrends Due to US$ Weakness – Commodity Currencies Bullish Despite Underlying […]Continue reading «Currencies + Interest Rates Video Outlook 2022 | PART III/III»


STOCK INDICES VIDEO OUTLOOK 2022 Part I/III SEVERE CORRECTION in 2022 Post-Pandemic Advance Set to Take a Pause within Final Stage of Secular-Bull Uptrend – Risk of minus -30 to -40% Correction in Benchmark Indices during next 6-8 Months – Inflationary Pressures Ease but Not Over – European Indices set for Significant Correction – Technology/FANGS+ […]Continue reading «STOCK INDICES VIDEO OUTLOOK 2022 Part I»

Currencies + Interest Rates Video Outlook 2021

CURRENCIES and INTEREST RATES – PART III US$ Dollar Index ends 9-Month Downtrend in January – Multi-Month Risk-Off/Safe-Haven Counter-Trend Rally Underway – Euro/US$ Hits Tops, Heading Lower in 5-6 Month Corrective Decline – Stlg/US$ Heading Lower – US$/Yen Higher with Yen Weakest in G10 – Commodity Currencies Set for 5-6 Month Corrective Declines – Asian […]Continue reading «Currencies + Interest Rates Video Outlook 2021»

Ending-Diagonal Patterns as Last Sequence within Secular-Bull?

Ending-Diagonal Patterns forecast the Last Sequence within Secular-Bull / Inflation-Pop Cycle Uptrends! Get more in-depth information in today’s Elliott Wave Compass report.Continue reading «Ending-Diagonal Patterns as Last Sequence within Secular-Bull?»

COMMODITY Video Outlook 2021 | Part II

‘FINAL STAGE of the COMMODITY ‘INFLATION-POP UPTREND’ THIS REPORT INCLUDES ANALYSIS ON MEDIUM-TERM CYCLES & EQUITY MINERS We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s annual 2021 video updates of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART II, COMMODITY VIDEO OUTLOOK 2021 – Part I was released last month and Part III will be […]Continue reading «COMMODITY Video Outlook 2021 | Part II»


FOREX and BONDS Mid-Year Video Update PART III/III US$ Dollar Completed 2nd Wave Peak Last March during COVID-19 Panic. 7.8-Year Cycle Downtrend has Resumed. Shorter-Term Rally in Dollar Over Next Few Months. Commodity Currencies Signalling Major Reversal Last March & Now Heading Higher. Asian Currencies Formed Major Lows. U.S. Long-Dated Interest Rates ended Deflationary Cycle […]Continue reading «FOREX and BONDS Video PART III/III»

Commodities 2020 Mid-Year Video Series

Commodities Hit Major Lows –‘Inflation-Pop’ Lift-Off – Next 2-3 Year Uptrends Underway We’re pleased to announce today’s release is PART II, COMMODITIES – Part I was released last month and Part III will be published in late-July • PART I – STOCK INDICES – out now! • PART II – COMMODITIES – out now! • […]Continue reading «Commodities 2020 Mid-Year Video Series»

SP500 – Heading Lower

SP500 – Expanding Flat – Heading Lower Towards 2655.75+/- The SP500 has just completed a three wave (a)-(b)-(c) zig zag upswing from the April 21st low of 2717.25 into today’s high of 2913.50. This completes wave [b] of a developing [a]-[b]-[c] expanding flat pattern. Downside targets for wave [c] towards 2655.75+/- The SP500 has just […]Continue reading «SP500 – Heading Lower»

Currencies and Interest Rates 2020 Video | PART III/III

PART III – CURRENCIES & INTEREST RATES US$ Dollar Approaches Completion of Corrective Zig Zag Advance from 2018 Low – Major Reversal-Signature Triggers Next Stage of 7.8-Year Cycle Downtrend – Euro/US$ Forming Major Low Together with Other Dollar Pairs – U.S. Interest Rates Finalising Declines from 2018 Highs but Lower-Lows Come First – European Interest […]Continue reading «Currencies and Interest Rates 2020 Video | PART III/III»

Russia RTS Index – Decline Underway?

Russia RTS Index – Decline Underway Towards 1171.00+/- but Downside Risk to 990.00+/- Two Elliott Wave pattern developments dominate the short-term picture over the next few months – both confer a decline to minimum levels of 1171.00+/- but there is also a heightened downside risk of a sustained decline towards 990.00+/- as the concluding sequence […]Continue reading «Russia RTS Index – Decline Underway?»

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