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Eurostoxx Banks Index – Banks Set For Another Swift Decline

Counter-Trend Rally Completed – Banks Set For Another Swift Decline The late-May counter-trend rally from 109.30 is completing now to 115.91, max. 116.91+/-. The index is poised to resume its five wave impulse downtrend that began from April’s high of 131.98. 5th wave downside targets to complete primary wave A are towards 106.56-103.15+/-. Winding the […]Continue reading «Eurostoxx Banks Index – Banks Set For Another Swift Decline»

India Nifty 50 – Set to Begin Declines

India-CNX Nifty 50 – January’s Zig Zag Pattern Set to Begin Wave [c] Declines January’s decline began a zig zag correction from 11191.00 as minute wave 4. Subdividing into an [a]-[b]-[c] pattern. First of all wave [a] completed an initial decline into the February low of 10250.00. Wave [b] has since unfolded higher as an […]Continue reading «India Nifty 50 – Set to Begin Declines»

EuroStoxx June Rally Finds Secondary Support!

EuroStoxx and Xetra Dax – June Rally Finds Secondary Support! [title for twitter] The May corrective zig zag declines for both the Eurostoxx 50 and Xetra Dax remain incomplete targeting 3315.75+/- and 12145.00+/- respectively, but the interim June rally labelled wave ‘b’ hit important support levels this morning, slightly above last week’s low which now […]Continue reading «EuroStoxx June Rally Finds Secondary Support!»


SP500 – 5 Wave Expanding-Impulse Pattern Ending Now – Correction Due! SP500 is in the process of ending a short-term five wave uptrend that began from the early-may low of 2591.25 towards 2708.75+/-. A corrective downswing is measured towards 2649.50+/- Tuesday’s update in our latest report stated ‘…The current intra-hourly advance from the early-May low […]Continue reading «SP500 – CORRECTION DUE!»

TESLA INC. – Expanding Diagonal!

Tesla vs. Goldman Sachs – We’re Backing Tesla! Tesla Inc. caught our attention following last week’s publication of investment bank Goldman Sachs’ recent analyst report. It stated suspicion over the sustainability of the Model 3 production rate for Q2 2018 and that it would probably be far lower than Tesla’s optimistic estimates. CEO Elon Musk […]Continue reading «TESLA INC. – Expanding Diagonal!»

Value Line Index – Expanding Flat!

Markets Higher Now! In recent updates, U.S. index declines from February 27th highs were identified as unfolding into 3-3-5, [A]-[B]-[C] expanding flat patterns. This is the case for the S&P 500, the S&P 400 mid-cap, the Russell 2000 small-cap, the Nasdaq 100 together with several sector indices including recent updates for the XLY Consumer Disc. […]Continue reading «Value Line Index – Expanding Flat!»

Nasdaq100 – Expanding Flat – New Update!

NASDAQ100 – Technology Stock Slide Over! Nasdaq100 ended corrective expanding flat downswing yesterday at 6322.90 – outlook affirms bullish call for next several weeks. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this postContinue reading «Nasdaq100 – Expanding Flat – New Update!»

NASDAQ 100 – Success! Downside targets achieved

NASDAQ 100 – Downside Targets Achieved @ 6507.84! Last week’s escalating news-flow around President Trump’s plans to expand upon existing U.S. import tariffs caught the markets out. Subsequently, leading to declines of -9.5% per cent in the Nasdaq 100 over the last 10-day period. Naturally, mass media and analysts continue to debate the impact of […]Continue reading «NASDAQ 100 – Success! Downside targets achieved»

SP500 – Drama, Declines & Opportunity!

DIARY OF AN ELLIOTT WAVE ANALYST SP500 – A WEEK OF DRAMA, DECLINES & OPPORTUNITY! It was a week of drama, declines & opportunity for SP500. But it all began several days before, on Friday 26th January. The SP500 index was testing upside targets of 2861.75+/-, eventually overrunning slightly to 2878.50 (futures) first thing Monday […]Continue reading «SP500 – Drama, Declines & Opportunity!»

Elliott Wave – The SLANTING FLAT Pattern – GBP/USD

R.N. Elliott’s SLANTING FLAT Pattern – GBP/USD There’s a variation to the corrective ‘FLAT’ pattern that R.N. Elliott documented which causes some confusion in identification. Fortunately, it’s quite rare though. It’s called a SLANTING FLAT. Like the ‘horizontal’, ‘running’ and ‘expanding’ flat’s it subdivides the same, as a 3-3-5 sequence but with some slight differences. […]Continue reading «Elliott Wave – The SLANTING FLAT Pattern – GBP/USD»

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