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Apple Inc. – Right on Target!

Apple Inc. Hits Upside Targets of 228.42+/- Then Stages Reversal-Signature! The August 3rd update of Apple Inc. forecast upside price acceleration following the publication of strong quarterly earnings results. Elliott Wave analysis had identified this latest push to record highs as a concluding 5th wave within the five wave impulse pattern unfolding higher from February’s […]Continue reading «Apple Inc. – Right on Target!»

Apple Inc. Extends Uptrend Following Quarterly Results

Apple Inc. Extends Uptrend Following Quarterly Results – Terminal High Projection to $228.42+/- Apple Inc. published its latest quarterly earnings earlier this week with strong numbers. It caused the share price to leap beyond the nearby resistance illustrated in the diagonal pattern (see update dt. July 23rd). • EPS: $2.34 vs. $2.18 (source: Thomson Reuters […]Continue reading «Apple Inc. Extends Uptrend Following Quarterly Results»

Apple Inc. Set To Complete Medium-Term Uptrend With Ending/Diagonal Pattern

Apple Inc. Set To Complete Medium-Term Uptrend With Ending/Diagonal Pattern Nasdaq 100 The Nasdaq 100 index tracking over the last several months identified February’s advance approaching the completion of a zig zag pattern. That’s a huge danger signal warning that January’s initial corrective decline remains incomplete. In Elliott Wave terms, January/February’s decline is simply the […]Continue reading «Apple Inc. Set To Complete Medium-Term Uptrend With Ending/Diagonal Pattern»

FAAMG – Why tech stocks collapsed?

FAAMG – TECH SNAPSHOT! Since the Nasdaq 100 staged a reversal-signature exactly 1-week ago (Friday 9th June) from an all-time-high of 5907.50 (futures), pundits have attempted to explain why technology stocks collapsed. Analysts were quick to issue their forecast revisions for some of the FAAMG’s, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google). As a consequence, […]Continue reading «FAAMG – Why tech stocks collapsed?»

APPLE INC. – Hold or Sell? Learn more why Fib-Price-Ratios might be the key!

Apple Inc. (APPL) has outperformed over the last year. And only last week, the stock price for Apple reached a record high at 156.65. Apple’s share price is now moving ever so close to our last May’s upside target of 157.23+/-. In May 2016 the price was still trading at 96.43 representing a gain of […]Continue reading «APPLE INC. – Hold or Sell? Learn more why Fib-Price-Ratios might be the key!»

Apple Elliott Wave Update

In the latest update, Apple was described as advancing into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern in minute degree from the Jan.’14 low of 70.51. There are two most common fib-price-ratio measurements within an impulse advance: a fib. 61.8% extension and a fib. 61.8% correlative ratios. By extending the net advance of minutes wave 1 to […]Continue reading «Apple Elliott Wave Update»

Apple – the decline remains intact

In 11th of February a short-term setup was presented: ‘Apple Inc. provides an attractive short-term trading setup: the expected counter-trend rebound from the 435.00 price level is unfolding into a double zig zag pattern labelled [a]-[b]-[c]-[x]-[a]-[b]-[c] in minuette degree. Ratio and proportion analysis again provides an excellent roadmap where this advance is expected to complete. […]Continue reading «Apple – the decline remains intact»


During the last few weeks, Apple Inc. has fluctuated in a volatile trading range between 505.75 and 594.59. There are no changes to preferential wave counts updated recently – a counter-trend decline that began from the April ’12 high of 644.00 completed an expanded flat pattern at the 16th Nov.’12 low at 505.75 and the […]Continue reading «Apple»

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