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AUD vs USD – Precision Target missed by 1 pip

by WaveTrack International| March 9, 2017 | 2 Comments

AUD vs USD – Fibonacci Trading and Elliott Wave

Fibonacci-Price-Ratios (FPR’s) form an integral part of WaveTrack’s Elliott Wave process of identifying reversals in major markets. We catalogued and archived several hundred examples of how fib-price-ratios. Using these Fibonacci-Ratio measurements in a systematic way will help to identify a pattern’s completion and a subsequent change of direction/trend.

Elliott Wave and Fibonacci-Price-Ratios

Each of R.N. Elliott’s 13 patterns has a short-list of accompanying fib-price-ratios that recur with high frequency. Therefore, using this standard approach requires discipline. But it’s definitely worth the effort in learning them because they provide you with an edge which will improve your trading.

AUD vs USD Forecast Fibonacci Price Ratio Example

Coming back to the AUD vs USD example – the target our Fib-Price-Ratios (FPR’s) gave us was 0.7744+/- a Golden Ratio measurement of 61.8% (see chart).

AUD vs USD - Forecast 25th January 2017 - Result!

AUD vs USD – Forecast 25th January 2017 – Result!

When you work with a precision target projection for the AUD vs USD at 0.7744+/- you can certainly live with the fact that it was missed by 1 pip! The mathematical probability to project targets between 1-3 pips of deviation is infinitesimal – meaning totally impossible! Unless the ratio’s used are in sync with greater mathematical laws. These laws are what WaveTrack has studied in the last 30 years. They are more than fascinating!

As a result the AUD vs USD Forecast testifies to the value of fib-price-ratio measurements that, correctly applied, can sharpen the awareness in terms of pattern/price-convergences. Only too often we see that patterns terminate at important fib-price-ratio support/resistance levels. This is an invaluable clue for someone trying to figure out the structure of a pattern. Hence, this is what we call the next level of Elliott Wave!

How to apply Fibonacci-Price-Ratios?

Watch our Fib-Price-Ratio video to see how these measurements are applied. These videos are gems of know-how for those who have eyes to see! WaveTrack’s first Elliott Wave Academy video

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