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APPLE INC. – Hold or Sell? Learn more why Fib-Price-Ratios might be the key!

by WaveTrack International| May 22, 2017 | No Comments

Apple Inc. (APPL) has outperformed over the last year. And only last week, the stock price for Apple reached a record high at 156.65. Apple’s share price is now moving ever so close to our last May’s upside target of 157.23+/-. In May 2016 the price was still trading at 96.43 representing a gain of +62.44% per cent.

But does the fact that prices have traded into fib-price-ratio upside targets mean the five wave expanding-impulse pattern that originated from the April ’13 low of 55.01 has already completed primary wave 5?

The answer is no.

APPLE INC. - Elliott Wave Forecast 24th May 2016

APPLE INC. (AAPL) – Forecast 24th May 2016

If you take a closer look at intermediate wave (5)’s advance from the May ’16 low of 89.47, you’ll notice only a three wave subdivision within the advance to last week’s high. Yes, a smaller fourth wave retracement would necessitate a shorter-term decline continuing in the weeks ahead. This would indicate that the next price development will probably go down towards the fib. 23.6% retracement area at 142.24 or 38.2% to 132.75 but afterwards, a fifth wave advance to higher-highs! Aren’t Fibonacci price ratios amazing?

APPLE INC. - Result! 22nd May 2017 - 1 year later!

APPLE INC. – Result! 22nd May 2017 – 1 year later!

Apple Inc. – Forecast May 2016 and phenomenal Result in May 2017!

APPLE INC. - Elliott Wave Forecast 2016 - RESULT! 2017

APPLE INC. – Forecast 2016 – RESULT! 2017

Compare the charts again – it is easy to recognise that the Elliott Wave forecast for Apple Inc. is yet another example reason why you should find out more about Fib-Price-Ratios! Ready?

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