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The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)

by m.tamosauskas| June 5, 2015 | 2 Comments


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Dear Elliott Wave Enthusiast!

It’s time to update you on many of the amazing developments that have occurred this year in GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS.

We’ve begun to compile many of the medium/long-term Elliott Wave counts from the institutional EW-Forecast database to create two 70-90 minute videos – PART I is updating trends for global STOCK INDICES, PART II for COMMODITIES, CURRENCIES & INTEREST RATES.

We’re pleased to announce this next installment, PART I, STOCK INDICES is available, NOW!

Global Stock markets have entered the ‘Twilight Zone’! Remember the TV series of the early 1960’s & ‘80’s? The twilight zone is an anthology series depicting strange, weird fantasy themes of science fiction but always with an unexpected twist at the end. Its purpose was to take you to an ‘in-between’ place of existence, a place where natural laws are held in suspension, to illustrate what is perhaps possible before time rolls ever forward.

Well, such a time exists right now – GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS have entered the TWILIGHT ZONE where it is shown what has existed, what is existing and the different possibilities it has for the FUTURE! Intuitively, we all feel like that at least once in our lives, entering a point of decision-making that sets the course for the next phase of our lives – well, stock markets will also have to make that same decision – and NOW!

There’s no shortage of opinion on analyst forecasts – many secular-bears (mainstream Elliott Wave included) hold to the idea that a major SECULAR-BEAR downtrend is about to begin whilst the flip-side of this is really coming from major institutional analysts, the perennial-bulls maintaining the SECULAR-BULL uptrend theme. But the big question is this – how to differentiate these views into a realistic approach for us to trust in?

The first and foremost thing is to remove pre-conception from any analysis – take away those obstacles that prevent us from seeing clearly – try to remain objective – that’s a good beginning, but not enough to gain a glimpse into the future. But in our latest video series, we’ll be using WaveTrack International’s unique proprietary methods of geometric Fibonacci-Price-Ratio matrices to cut through the illusionary aspects of Elliott Wave and allow it to show its true course and direction.

After all, that’s exactly what we did over 6-years ago! – original S&P upside forecasts published October 2009 and updated in July 2012 forecast levels higher by +87% – those numbers are now being tested!

In this latest 6-month video update of GLOBAL STOCK INDICES, you’ll discover:

  • how the original forecasts were constructed and what they mean for today’s levels
  • why the current period forms a ‘Price & Time’ continuum – the ‘TWILIGHT ZONE’
  • how to differentiate between a SECULAR-BEAR and a SECULAR-BULL
This next phase of WaveTrack’s ‘Inflation-Pop’ is set to begin for other asset classes, but in this video, you will discover some amazing price-forecasts for U.S., European and Asian stock markets – how they interact and what price levels we can expect to see during the next year and beyond! This video is a ‘must see’ in terms of Elliott Wave because it will slice through mainstream misconceptions and give you a precise guide for what to expect during the next few years – let our Track Record speak for itself!

Simply subscribe to the EW-Compass report to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the STOCK INDICES VIDEO!

P.S. PART II – Commodities, Currencies & Interest Rates will be published next month! (we’re working on it!)


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