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SP500 – Heading Lower

by WaveTrack International| April 28, 2020 | No Comments

SP500 – Expanding Flat – Heading Lower Towards 2655.75+/-

  • The SP500 has just completed a three wave (a)-(b)-(c) zig zag upswing from the April 21st low of 2717.25 into today’s high of 2913.50. This completes wave [b] of a developing [a]-[b]-[c] expanding flat pattern. Downside targets for wave [c] towards 2655.75+/-
  • SP500 E-mini Futures - 60 mins. - Elliott Wave Forecast by WaveTrack International

    SP500 E-mini Futures – 60 mins. – Elliott Wave Forecast by www.wavetrack.com – WaveTrack International

    The SP500 has just completed a three wave zig zag rally from last week’s low of 2717.25 into today’s high of 2913.50. This pattern is labelled in sub-minuette degree, (a)-(b)-(c). Note how extending wave (a) by a fib. 61.8% ratio projects the terminal high for wave (c) smack into the actual high of 2913.50, validating its completion.

    The 2913.50 high ends a larger degree [b] wave advance within a declining [a]-[b]-[c] expanding flat pattern. By extending wave [a]’s initial decline to 2717.25 by a fib. 14.58% ratio projects a terminal high towards 2910.25, just a slither away from the high.

    Wave [a] can also be extended to the downside by fib-price-ratios in determining the terminal low for wave [c]’s five wave impulse downswing. We’ve selected a fib. 38.2% ratio because this converges with the fib. 50% retracement level of the preceding impulse advance of minute wave 1 that began from the April 2nd low of 2424.75 (log scale). This projects wave [c] towards 2655.75+/-.


    Identifying this expanding flat pattern verifies the larger advance from the March 23rd low of 2174.00 is a bullish 1-2-1 sequence with another 2nd wave correction underway towards 2655.75+/-.

    This disproves the theory that March’s advance is a corrective zig zag within a secular-bear downtrend. Rather, it proofs the bullish outlook of the secular-bull uptrend of intermediate wave (5).

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