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SP500 – Successful Cycle Forecasts

by WaveTrack International| February 21, 2017 | No Comments

SP500 - Cycle forecast and Result!

SP500 – Cycle forecast and Result!

S&P 500 – Happy Anniversary

S&P 500 Forecast from last year’s reports! January/February 2016

This exact time last year, our analysis for the benchmark SP500 forecast January 2016 to begin with a significant decline that was due to extend a multi-month, double-digit percentage correction (that began from the May ’15 high). Our proprietary daily composite cycle seemed to confirm this indicating a sharp decline ahead, lasting throughout January and into an important low due in February ’16 – see fig #1.

As we now know, that proved correct with the S&P 500 declining from 2038.00 down to the Feb. 11th low at 1810.10. Soon afterwards, we issued a major buy signal dt. February 17th ’16 that forecast the beginning of a new uptrend that would ultimately break levels into new record highs – see fig #2.

S&P 500 - Forecast 2016 and Result Now!

S&P 500 – Forecast 2016 and Result Now!

Original upside targets for intermediate wave (3) were towards 2239.02+/- but basis EW-Pattern development, current upside targets are much higher now!

The composite cycle looked like this last November (2016) ahead of the U.S. Presidential election – see fig #3. It successfully indicated the S&P 500 was again forming the completion of a corrective decline with trend preparing to resume its upward trend again.

SP500 - Composite Cycle in November 2016 ahead fo Trump Election Win!

SP500 – Composite Cycle in November 2016 ahead fo Trump Election Win!

Composite Cycle Update for the SP500 to be published in the EW-Compass Report – late Feb./early March 2017

We’ll be updating this composite cycle in this week’s report as we expect more important changes coming through into late-February/early March!

In the meantime, watch/listen to Peter Goodburn’s forecasts from this period last year. In his interview with Dale J. Pinkert of FXStreet.com, Peter expands on his forecasts for the S&P 500 approaching a major low plus some other insights on currencies and commodities.

FX STREET INTERVIEW – with Dale Pinkert – 14th January 2016

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