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SP500 Cycle – PLUS Elliott Wave ‘Buy Signal’

by WaveTrack International| October 17, 2016 | No Comments

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Ensure you Subscribe to WaveTrack’s Video Series

SP500 Cycle – PLUS Elliott Wave ‘Buy Signal’

This is just one of WaveTrack International’s proprietary devised composite cycles for the S&P 500. It highlighted this year’s major low last January/February as the index traded to an extremity of 1810.10. It also combined with Elliott Wave analysis that pinpointed the low as ending a multi-month double zig zag pattern that began from the May ’15 high. When these two deterministic disciplines come together, a high-probability event is triggered.

S&P 500 Cycle – Combined with Elliott Wave ‘Buy Signal’

S&P 500 Cycle – Combined with Elliott Wave ‘Buy Signal’

The rest is history – the S&P has since traded to new record highs, to 2193.81 into a mid-August high. The composite cycle also forewarned that the next important cycle-peak would come in late-July.

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