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Season Greetings!

by m.tamosauskas| December 19, 2014 | 1 Comment






This coming Saturday’s edition, the 20th December ’14 will be the last Elliott Wave Compass report before the Christmas holiday festivities begin. We shall take the opportunity to rest the team a little during the following week and so the next edition will be written on Friday 2nd January ’15 for release on Saturday morning of the 3rd January.

Video Series – Part I & II – the latest long/medium-term forecasts are currently getting a complete makeover. For the last several years, the ‘inflation-pop’ upside forecasts for the S&P and most related U.S. indices have unfolded according to plan but it’s only now that targets towards 2140.00+/- are being approached. The Nasdaq has also completed a near maximum retracement of its preceding decline from those dot.com highs of March 2000 and yet, despite this, it is difficult for us to imagine a secular-bear market decline beginning from current levels – why? Well, when commodities began their synchronised recovery from the financial-crisis lows of end-Dec.’08, key economic indicators like Copper, Lead, Zinc and many other core industrial metals like Platinum unfolded higher into 2011 peaks whilst unfolding into five wave impulse patterns. Corrective patterns have since unfolded, some have ended already whilst others like crude oil are only now approaching completion. Precious metals have a different wave structure but confirm the same outcome, evident in expanding flat pattern for GDX and XAU – this signals that a very bullish upswing is set to begin in 2015. This contradiction with our original S&P forecasts from several years ago is now being addressed and will be published in the latest video series just as soon as its ready – hopefully, by early January – naturally, we’ll keep you posted on this!

And so, wherever you are, whatever your faith, we hope that your New Year will be joyous and successful – P.G.

Season’s greetings and wishing you success for 2015 – Peter Goodburn, Kamil, Martynas and most important of all, our diligent Support Team members!



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