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Precious Metals fast approaching Final Lows

by m.tamosauskas| March 27, 2015 | No Comments

Dear Elliott Wave Enthusiast!


It’s three months on from the last Special Update Alert! published in January when some of the mining stocks began to break key resistance levels that confirmed a major reversal-signature had taken place. Since that time, underlying precious metals, gold and silver stalled into late-January peaks, subsequently working lower again although it was noticeable that the mining stocks were outperforming during the same period. In the case of Newmont Mining, one of our archetype stocks that is being tracked in this current phase, continued higher for several weeks even when gold and silver were already staging another sequence of declines. This type of bullish divergence is commonplace when a major low is being approached.

This creates a special trading opportunity in the precious metals sector and WaveTrack’s Precious Metals & Mining Stocks report will prepare you for some big price moves!

Find out WHY:



  • Platinum’s  perfect fib-price-ratios will have huge implications in the next bull market for precious metals.
  • Gold is still heading down to lower lows but is soon approaching final downside target levels.
  • GDX and XAU are developing identical expanding flat patterns that began in 2007/08 are also hitting major lows.

This Special Report on Precious Metals & Mining Stocks is a part of our Institutional client service with a value of USD 240.00 but we’d like to share this information with you as it is a unique and important trading/investment opportunity.

Simply subscribe to the EW-Compass report and download the report under the ‘SPECIALS TAB’ within the online version of the EW-Compass ‘main-view’ area.


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