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Nasdaq – 100

by m.tamosauskas| September 11, 2013 | No Comments


Whilst some stock indices are clearly advancing in a corrective sequences, Nasdaq 100 is just about to finish its advance that began from the Aug ’11 low of 2034.92. Primary wave 1 that dates back to that low unfolded into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern, subdividing into intermediate degree, (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5). Wave (5) from the June ’12 low of 2443.92 constitutes the most important measure to gauge the overall situation of global stock indices in general. This is because this upswing has taken the shape of an ending-contracting diagonal sequence that implies a sustained counter-trend decline in the subsequent weeks. This diagonal is corroborated by the fact of almost perfect three wave subdivisions (as is required for an ending type) and fib-price-ratio measurements.


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