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GREECE Special | The Greek Debt Crisis – & What You Might Discover…

by WaveTrack International| July 4, 2015 | No Comments

The Greek Debt Crisis and What You Might Discover!

The Greek Debt Crisis and What You Might Discover!

‘It was never easy to look into the future, but it is possible, and we should not miss our chance’ – Andrei Linde

Peering into the future has its risks – the ancients always said that only our Creator has the ‘Unrestricted Eye’. But through time immemorial, Pharos, Kings and Scholars have sought a glimpse into the future, seeking the help of Alchemists, Philosophers, even the Oracle of Delphi along the way. In a strange, eerie sort of way, using the ‘deterministic’ qualities of the Elliott Wave Principle as our guide, we’re attempting to gain a peek into the financial-future in the same way.

The Greek austerity referendum is taking place this Sunday, and it seems that all hinges on its outcome. The news-media is full of speculation and as always, opinion is not in short supply. So is there really anything reliable out there that can help us gain an idea on how the markets will react following the results of the vote?

In our latest Elliott Wave report, we’ve added analysis of the Greek ATG Stock Index and the Greek GR10yr Yield. What we’ve discovered may surprise you!

Rather than a random sequence of price development, the Greek ATG index can be seen unfolding into a specific Elliott Wave impulse pattern from its March ’14 high of 1379.42. This five price-swing sequence is an archetypal pattern with deterministic qualities – its June ’15 low at 651.78 was no coincidence, adhering to specific geometric measurements. There’s no doubt about the next price moves it must make to adhere to one of the EWP’s basic laws, that of ‘balance’.

And this already gives us an immediate glimpse into how the markets will react next week!

Also, the Greek GR10yr yield corroborates the next steps for the ATG index as recent interest rate rises to 14.785% are again moulding towards an important climax.

The analysis of both these contracts appear in our special production of our latest Elliott Wave Compass report. Follow the links to obtain this latest edition or contact us at services@wavetrack.com for more information. Get the report now.


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