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by m.tamosauskas| October 29, 2013 | No Comments

We would like to announce that finally the latest video release of WaveTrack International’s medium-term wave counts have been completed and are now available for viewing. This is a preview of price-forecasts for 2014 and is complimentary with your current EW-Compass subscription. We’ve listened to what you wanted – to view the larger patterns that are presented each week in the EW-Compass reports, and we’ve also added a lot more composite cycles as a guide in ‘timing’ some of the major trend changes for next year. The long and medium-term cycles for the S&P 500 update those originally shown in last year’s video, but we’ve also added similar periodicities for commodities, currencies and interest rates. A new monthly composite cycle for the S&P 500 provides a fascinating route-map for ending the ‘inflation-pop’ scenario – also, cycles have been created for the CRB-Cash index, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil – and for currencies, the US$ dollar index, the Euro/US$ and US$/Yen – for interest rates, the US30yr yield, US10yr yield and Europe’s DE10yr yield – it all forms an amazing picture of what lies around the corner.  The presentation includes 60 charts – too big for one video so it comes in two parts – Part I takes a look at trends for global Stock Indices, Part II for Commodities, Currencies & Interest Rates. Part I is available now, Part II will be released during the next week or two. Part I provides a refresher of the  ‘Shock-Pop-Drop’ scenario depicting the 18 year bear market for stock indices together with a progress report of price development within the second phase, the ‘inflation-pop’. The video will be uploaded into the ‘video’ tab located in the ‘text’ section of the ‘main-view’ area of the EW-Compass software. Become an EW-Compass report subscriber to see this video, if you already are – don’t hesitate to pass the word around that these forecasts are now available! All the best, WaveTrack analyst team.


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