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How Fibonacci Price Ratios (FPR’s) Evolved

by WaveTrack International| November 10, 2015 | No Comments

How Fibonacci Price Ratios (FPR’s) Evolved

Trader’s World latest edition features Fibonacci Price Ratios

Trader’s World magazine has just published another of Peter Goodburn’s Elliott Wave articles in its latest #61st edition and you can see it absolutely FREE in cooperation between WaveTrack International and Trader’s World editor Larry Jacobs.

We’ve interacted with many of you, our members and subscribers over the last few months on the subject of overlaying Fibonacci-price-ratios to the Elliott Wave counts we publish. As Peter commented in this latest article ‘ I rather think of ratio and proportion and pattern and form as the two sides of the same coin – one cannot exist without the other – neither is dependent, independent but co-exist in interdependency. Together they increase the probability of correct forecasting exponentially. Some do degrade and seemingly run short, but this is by far a minority, something a good strategy can take care of’.

The article is an extract from a larger, as yet, unpublished work that Peter wrote back in 2012 as part of the up-coming WaveSearch Tutorials. It begins with some interesting history about R.N.Elliott’s introduction to the Natural Laws of science & metaphysics by Charles J. Collins who sponsored his publications of ‘The Wave Principle’ in a series of articles for the Financial World magazine in 1939.

Later, it follows one of Peter’s several successful ‘long-range’ forecasts – this one, for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), published in early 2004 and how his specific methodology and application of FPR’s captured the Dow’s upsurge into the October 2007 highs, and the subsequent collapse during the Lehman crisis that formed lows in 2009.

For those of you fascinated by the geometric symmetry found hiding within the evolving nature of price activity, this is a must read! You can view it immediately by visiting: www.tradersworld.com

Just turn to page 49 to view!

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