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Currencies (FX) and Interest Rates Video Update!

by WaveTrack International| January 25, 2017 | No Comments

Currencies (Forex) ‘8-YEAR US$ DOLLAR CYLCLE’ 2017

Currencies (FX) ‘8-YEAR US$ DOLLAR CYLCLE’ 2017

‘8-YEAR US$ DOLLAR CYLCLE’ completion in 2017!

During the last year, we’ve highlighted the fact that a 15.6-year US$ dollar cycle is approaching completion. Cycles measure peak-to-peak, trough-to-trough with the mid-point creating a 7.8-year trough-to-peak rise for the dollar since early-2008. This next major cycle-peak is a little overdue, but one thing is clear, it’s closing in on completion right now!

Elliott Wave analysis of this 8-year dollar upswing is confirming the advance as ending a counter-trend pattern. Furthermore, the typical Fibonacci-Price-Ratio measurements for this corrective pattern fit perfectly into the current price levels. Together, these three aspects offer a compelling case for the US$ dollar’s reversal anytime into Q1’17.

Over the last few years, upside targets to complete the dollar’s counter-trend advance haven’t changed at all, and looking that far ahead, we often wondered what catalyst or trigger would eventually turn the tide. Now we know! – U.S. President D. Trump is manoeuvring to reverse the previous administration’s strong dollar policy.

This came as quite a surprise for mainstream investment bank economists. Their 2017 annual forecasts had already opined a strong US$ dollar outlook for most of the year and even beyond on the premise that inflation was returning and this would propel U.S. interest rates higher. Even Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen is hinting about incremental Fed Funds increases this year, so why not (linearly) extrapolate a stronger U.S. dollar?

The problem comes if Trump manages to reverse the dollar policy because analysts place the dollar and interest rates into a positive correlation. But the market often forgets history! In the early-1970’s, the de-pegging of the US$/gold relationship brought an end to the Bretton woods currency (fix) system and with it, a declining US$ dollar over the next decade whilst interest rates ran exponentially higher. That same era or cycle is about to emerge again, as illustrated from analysing both the US$ dollar and U.S. interest rates in this latest Elliott Wave & Cycle analysis.

This latest installment of WaveTrack International’s three part VIDEO SERIES takes an in-depth look at how these Elliott Wave patterns and cycles translate across most of the major currencies & interest rates of the world – PART III, CURRENCIES & INTEREST RATES – 2017 & BEYOND.

Our latest Video/Report analyses over 52 charts and cycles highlighting major trends, reversal levels together with Fibonacci-Price-Ratio projection levels of the major currency pairs/crosses and interest rates of the U.S., Europe and Japan. Don’t hesitate – this is the most thoroughly researched, accurate ELLIOTT WAVE ANALYSIS on the planet. We’ll be taking a look at currency trends over a 50+ year period and projecting these trends into the future – and if you want to see what U.S. interest rates look like over a period of 250+ years, then this latest ANNUAL 2017 ELLIOTT WAVE PRICE-FORECASTS & CYCLE PROJECTIONS will tell you.

• US$ index
• Euro/US$
• Stlg/US$
• US$/Yen
• Euro/Stlg
• Euro/Yen
• Asian ADXY
• U.S. AAA+ Corporate Bond Yield
• US 30yr Yield
• US 10yr Yield
• US 10yr TIPS Break Even Inflation Rate
• DE 10yr Yield
• JPY 10yr Yield


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    Single Video – $48.00 – PART III CURRENCIES (FX) with 52 charts (1 hour 50 mins)(Jan. ’17)
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