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Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update

Stock Indices Video | PART I/III STOCK INDICES – ‘INFLATION-POP’ Goes Mainstream! Post-Pandemic Advance Set to Take a Pause within Final Stage of Secular-Bull Uptrend – Risk of -30-40% Correction in Benchmark Indices during next 6-Months – Inflationary Pressures Ease but Not Over – European Indices set for Significant Correction – EuroStoxx Banks Take a […]Continue reading «Stock Indices Mid-Year Video Update»

The EW-Navigator

U.S./European stock Indices set for Further Declines into Year-End – Underperformance in Technology – Emerging Markets to Pull Lower – Energy Stocks on Buy Signals + Eurozone Banks – US$ Dollar Heading Higher – Interest Rates Pulling Lower within Uptrend The world is still adjusting to the uncertainties of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic. Especially, its […]Continue reading «The EW-Navigator»

Stock Index Mid-Year Video Series – 2020 | PART I/III

COVID-19 Aftermath II – Secular-Bull Market Uptrend Resumes! This report combines ELLIOTT WAVE with updated SENTIMENT & ECONOMIC INDICATOR STUDIES We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s mid-year 2020 video updates of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART I, STOCK INDICES – Parts II & III will be published during the next […]Continue reading «Stock Index Mid-Year Video Series – 2020 | PART I/III»

SP500 – Counter-Trend in Progress to 3213.75+/-

SP500 – Counter-Trend Zig Zag Rally in Progress from 2923.75 to 3213.75+/- For more details, see last Friday’s Elliott Wave Compass Report The SP500 began a corrective 2nd wave downswing from the June high of 3231.25 (futures). Labelled as minor wave ii. two, this unfolding into a minute degree a-b-c zig zag pattern, subdividing 5-3-5. […]Continue reading «SP500 – Counter-Trend in Progress to 3213.75+/-»

SP500 – Heading Lower

SP500 – Expanding Flat – Heading Lower Towards 2655.75+/- The SP500 has just completed a three wave (a)-(b)-(c) zig zag upswing from the April 21st low of 2717.25 into today’s high of 2913.50. This completes wave [b] of a developing [a]-[b]-[c] expanding flat pattern. Downside targets for wave [c] towards 2655.75+/- The SP500 has just […]Continue reading «SP500 – Heading Lower»

SP500 – Crisis! What Crisis!

The SP500 advance is only three waves up from the March 23rd low – so does this qualify as a corrective a-b-c zig zag within a secular-bear downtrend, or a bullish 1-2-1 sequence within the continuation of the secular-bull uptrend? The Big Question Given the amount of correspondence received recently, we’d like to address the […]Continue reading «SP500 – Crisis! What Crisis!»

Aftermath of the Coronavirus Sell-off Video Update

Aftermath of the Coronavirus Sell-off – Inflation-Pop Diluted but Still On-Track The coronavirus sell-off in global stock indices has been described by Goldman Sachs as a ‘Black Swan’, a term for an improbable or unforeseen event. Economist Burton Malkiel who authored the 1973 book ‘A Random Walk Down Wall Street’ said he could not spot […]Continue reading «Aftermath of the Coronavirus Sell-off Video Update»

SP500 – End of Coronavirus Sell-Off

The SP500 has just approached downside targets of 2151.00+/- to 2174.00 in overnight trading. This is completing a five wave impulse downswing from February’s high of 3397.50. The final sequence of a multi-year a-b-c, 3-3-5 expanding flat pattern that began from the Jan.’18 high of 2872.87. The outlook is now turning bullish SP500 – End […]Continue reading «SP500 – End of Coronavirus Sell-Off»

SP500 – Symmetry in Motion – Expanding Flat

The SP500 has just completed a short-term {A}-{B}-{C}, 3-3-5 Expanding Flat pattern at 3301.25. This confirms a continuation to the upside over the next few trading-days SP500 – Symmetry in Motion – Expanding Flat The SP500 is closing-in on reaching upside targets for the completion of October’s five wave impulse uptrend. Activity so far this […]Continue reading «SP500 – Symmetry in Motion – Expanding Flat»

‘ Inflation – Pop ’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting…

‘ Inflation – Pop ’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting… Part I of our Annual 2020 Elliott Wave forecasts has been published, outlining Stock Index trends for the coming year and beyond. This year’s major theme is a resumption of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ cycle. Following a 2-year pause in inflationary pressures that resumed in […]Continue reading «‘ Inflation – Pop ’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting…»

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