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Aftermath of the Coronavirus Sell-off Video Update

Aftermath of the Coronavirus Sell-off – Inflation-Pop Diluted but Still On-Track The coronavirus sell-off in global stock indices has been described by Goldman Sachs as a ‘Black Swan’, a term for an improbable or unforeseen event. Economist Burton Malkiel who authored the 1973 book ‘A Random Walk Down Wall Street’ said he could not spot […]Continue reading «Aftermath of the Coronavirus Sell-off Video Update»

SP500 – End of Coronavirus Sell-Off

The SP500 has just approached downside targets of 2151.00+/- to 2174.00 in overnight trading. This is completing a five wave impulse downswing from February’s high of 3397.50. The final sequence of a multi-year a-b-c, 3-3-5 expanding flat pattern that began from the Jan.’18 high of 2872.87. The outlook is now turning bullish SP500 – End […]Continue reading «SP500 – End of Coronavirus Sell-Off»

SP500 – Symmetry in Motion – Expanding Flat

The SP500 has just completed a short-term {A}-{B}-{C}, 3-3-5 Expanding Flat pattern at 3301.25. This confirms a continuation to the upside over the next few trading-days SP500 – Symmetry in Motion – Expanding Flat The SP500 is closing-in on reaching upside targets for the completion of October’s five wave impulse uptrend. Activity so far this […]Continue reading «SP500 – Symmetry in Motion – Expanding Flat»

‘ Inflation – Pop ’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting…

‘ Inflation – Pop ’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting… Part I of our Annual 2020 Elliott Wave forecasts has been published, outlining Stock Index trends for the coming year and beyond. This year’s major theme is a resumption of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ cycle. Following a 2-year pause in inflationary pressures that resumed in […]Continue reading «‘ Inflation – Pop ’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting…»

Stock Indices Video Outlook 2020

Stock Indices Video Outlook 2020 – ‘Inflation-Pop’ Lift-Off! – T-Minus 3 Months & Counting… This report combines ELLIOTT WAVE with updated SENTIMENT & ECONOMIC INDICATOR STUDIES We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s Annual 2020 video updates of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART I, Stock Indices Video Outlook 2020 – Parts […]Continue reading «Stock Indices Video Outlook 2020»

2020 – Next Stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’

The Next Stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ is Getting Underway in 2020! 2020 – the next stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ is getting underway! EuroStoxx 50 – Forecast Mid-Year Triple Video Series! Last June’s Mid-Year 2019 Video Report forecast a 2nd wave corrective downswing for the Eurostoxx 50 unfolding from April’s high of 3515.15 – it had […]Continue reading «2020 – Next Stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’»

SP500 – Approaches Upside Targets!

SP500 – Leading/Expanding-Diagonal Approaches Upside Targets! SP500 August’s five wave overlapping diagonal is approaching upside targets of 3063.00+/-. Ahead of today’s Federal Reserve FOMC interest rate announcement. Very timely for a reversal-signature downswing. Deep retracement forecast through to year-end. But secular-bull uptrend remains very much in play Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]Continue reading «SP500 – Approaches Upside Targets!»

Stock Index Video PART I/III

PART I – STOCK INDICES Includes Elliott Wave Analysis of U.S., European, Asian and Emerging Market Indices STOCK INDICES – MAY’s CORRECTIVE DOWNSWING SET TO CONTINUE LOWER FOR REMAINDER OF 2019! U.S. Stock Indices Set for Concluding Downswing into Year-End – European Indices Continue May’s Correction – Rapid EM Decline due to Resurgent US$ Dollar […]Continue reading «Stock Index Video PART I/III»

SP500 and Nasdaq 100!

REVERSAL-SIGNATURE!! – SP500 and Nasdaq 100 Decline in 5 Wave Impulse from May Highs – Multi-Month Corrective Downswing Underway Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this postContinue reading «SP500 and Nasdaq 100!»

SP500 and 3 Degrees of Trend

SP500 – Three Degrees of Trend Ends December’s Impulse Upswing @ 2814.00 The SP500 extended above original upside targets of 2724.00+/- but has undergone a 5th wave ‘extension’ which is itself a 7/100 probability. Ordinarily, this advance would have ended earlier at the Feb. 14th high of 2763.00 but the ‘extension’ has prolonged December’s uptrend. […]Continue reading «SP500 and 3 Degrees of Trend»

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