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A long awaited semi-annual video repot PART II ‘COMMODITIES, CURRENCIES & INTEREST RATES’ is finished! The commodity section has been expanded and our analysis continues to grow from your demand – there are 60 individual charts in this report. The next stage of ‘Inflation-Pop’ is set to begin soon. Some laggard commodities are still attempting […]Continue reading «PART II ‘COMMODITIES, CURRENCIES & INTEREST RATES’ »

Preparing for a year-end video update!

The year-end is knocking on the door and we are preparing our annual video update of medium/long-term Elliott Wave forecasts for institutional clients and EW-Compass subscribers. Publication release is scheduled over the New Year. We can promise a few surprises this year with some new medium/long-term counts introduced that we haven’t shown in the past. […]Continue reading «Preparing for a year-end video update!»

Commodity Prices Can’t Go Up Before They Go Down Even More: An Interview With Peter Goodburn

Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts, At specific times in the development of an uptrend, the Elliott Wave analyst will find themselves in a ‘contrarian’ position to the underlying economic fundamentals that have given support at various stages of a bull market. This is also true in a downtrend, a bear market. This point of contrarianism for […]Continue reading «Commodity Prices Can’t Go Up Before They Go Down Even More: An Interview With Peter Goodburn»

An Update of Precious Metals & the ‘Inflation-Pop’

Even though bearish precious metal forecasts have dominated the investment scene over the last several months, it was very noticeable that social media interest ‘spiked’ when gold recently broke below the 18-month horizontal lows of 1180.00+/- during the late-October sell-off. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) had just announced the expansion of its quantitative easing programme […]Continue reading «An Update of Precious Metals & the ‘Inflation-Pop’ »

Agnico Eagle Mines: ‘Gold miners are showing a light in a tunnel’

The gold and silver decline that began from the April/Sep. ’11 highs is now more than 3 years in progress.  The same can be said about gold miners including our benchmark GDX (ETF) index and some of its major equity components such as Newmont Mining, Goldcorp and Barrick Res. Like the GDX, these too have […]Continue reading «Agnico Eagle Mines: ‘Gold miners are showing a light in a tunnel’»

Precious Metals Forum (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg hosted a Precious Metals Forum on 20th of May and we were invited to present our latest Elliott Wave price-forecasts. Mineweb.com made a proffesional review and we would like to share it:  http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/content/en/mineweb-whats-new?oid=242324&sn=Detail Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the […]Continue reading «Precious Metals Forum (Bloomberg)»

A little bit of practice

Dear Elliott Wave Enthusiasts! I’d like to tell you that we’ve just published a BONUS REPORT on Precious Metals into the Elliott Wave Compass report. But first, I’d like to ask you a question. How good are your eyes at recognising and identifying Elliott Wave patterns? R.N.Elliott documented 13 specific price-patterns that form his Theory […]Continue reading «A little bit of practice »

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