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EW-Commodities Update

Commodities – Base Metals Mixed – Copper & Lead Higher, Aluminium & Zinc Lower – Precious Metals Bottoming, Beginning New Multi-Year Uptrend – Natural Gas Rebound After Massive Declines – Crude/Brent Oil Continue Counter-Trend Rallies from September’s Lows Natural Gas Prices – Elliott Wave Forecasts predicted the decline! Commodities Highlight! European TTF Gas prices have […]Continue reading «EW-Commodities Update»

EW-Commodities Outlook Oct/Nov. 2022

EW-Commodities Outlook – Base Metals & Energy set for Rebound Rally – Precious Metals Bottomed, Beginning New Multi-Year Uptrend EW-Commodities Outlook covering Central Bank impact on Commodity Prices There’s been a noticeable pick-up in Central Bank activity over the last month with rate hike acceleration becoming the mandate amongst most of the developed countries across […]Continue reading «EW-Commodities Outlook Oct/Nov. 2022»

Commodities Trading Opportunities

The ELLIOTT WAVE COMMODITIES OUTLOOK September 2022 Report Largest Commodities Risk-Off 2022! The largest declines in this year’s risk-off, inflation surge environment has been in Base and Precious Metals. Copper is down -35% per cent and Gold is down -18% per cent whilst Energy contracts like Crude Oil are down by -34% per cent from […]Continue reading «Commodities Trading Opportunities»

Commodity Highlights

‘COMMODITY CORRECTION DURING NEXT 6-8 MONTHS’ – ‘PAUSE WITHIN INFLATION-POP’ CYCLE UPTREND’ – INFLATIONARY PRESSURES EASE – Base Metals Turning Down – Energy Resuming March’s Decline – Precious Metals Testing Important Support Levels – Gold Miners Remain Bullish Extract from May’s Elliott Wave Commodity Outlook Report Commodity May Report – In This Edition Base Metals […]Continue reading «Commodity Highlights»

Commodities 2020 Mid-Year Video Series

Commodities Hit Major Lows –‘Inflation-Pop’ Lift-Off – Next 2-3 Year Uptrends Underway We’re pleased to announce today’s release is PART II, COMMODITIES – Part I was released last month and Part III will be published in late-July • PART I – STOCK INDICES – out now! • PART II – COMMODITIES – out now! • […]Continue reading «Commodities 2020 Mid-Year Video Series»

Commodities Video 2020 – Q1 Sell-Off – Lift-Off Q2!

Commodities – Q1 Sell-Off – ‘Inflation-Pop’ Lift-Off Q2 Onwards! THIS REPORT INCLUDES ANALYSIS ON MEDIUM-TERM CYCLES & EQUITY MINERS We’re pleased to announce the publication of WaveTrack’s annual 2020 video updates of medium-term ELLIOTT WAVE price-forecasts. Today’s release is PART II, COMMODITIES – Part I was released last month and Part III will be published […]Continue reading «Commodities Video 2020 – Q1 Sell-Off – Lift-Off Q2!»


COMMODITIES VIDEO OUTLOOK 2018 – Part II Correction for Base Metals – Platinum to Outperform Gold – Energy Bullish into Mid-Year! This time last year, in January 2017, Base Metals led by Copper were trading into a sideways pause within uptrends that began from the Jan/Feb.’16 lows. Whilst, Precious Metals were just ending corrective declines […]Continue reading «COMMODITIES VIDEO OUTLOOK 2018»

COMMODITIES VIDEO – Precious Metals Soar!

Commodities Video Series | PART II/III INDUSTRIALS, ENERGY SET TO RESUME HIGHER – PRECIOUS METALS TO SOAR! Includes new 6-MONTH OUTLOOK FORECASTS The grand ‘RE-SYNCHRONISATION’ process of 2016 produced a realignment of major asset classes following divergences over the preceding years from the 2011 peaks. Developed and Emerging market indices synchronised in January/February 2016 by […]Continue reading «COMMODITIES VIDEO – Precious Metals Soar!»

Lonmin PLC like a phoenix arising from the ashes

The devastating decline that began from the July ’07 high of 4400 has reached as low as 14.50 in Sep.’15. In our latest update of this equity we were looking for a minimum downside target below the March ’15 low of 105.70 but it has extended much lower. Despite this however, the recent price development […]Continue reading «Lonmin PLC like a phoenix arising from the ashes»

Gold Stocks – Generational Opportunity!

GOLD STOCKS – Generational Opportunity!   It’s not often that opportunities in financial markets come around that can be measured in ‘generational’ terms, occurring perhaps just a few times in one’s own lifetime. And especially because it’s generally very difficult to identify these opportunities early enough to capture meaningful returns. But such an opportunity is […]Continue reading «Gold Stocks – Generational Opportunity!»

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