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Critical moment for the S&P 500 index

Our long-term subscribers may recall our original S&P 500 forecast from 2010-2012. We plotted a developing cycle degree, three price-swing zig zag advance unfolding from the financial-crisis lows of 666.79. Ultimate upside targets were measuring two key levels – 2139.37 and 2144.79. THE MAY ’15 HIGH WAS 2134.72! This measurement is dependent on the advance […]Continue reading «Critical moment for the S&P 500 index»

The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)

MID-YEAR (2015) ELLIOTT WAVE VIDEO UPDATE of GLOBAL MARKETS Dear Elliott Wave Enthusiast! It’s time to update you on many of the amazing developments that have occurred this year in GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS. We’ve begun to compile many of the medium/long-term Elliott Wave counts from the institutional EW-Forecast database to create two 70-90 minute videos […]Continue reading «The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)»

2015 FORECAST VIDEO has just been released!

Stock Indices (PART I) – Original S&P upside forecasts published October 2009 and updated in July 2012 forecast levels higher by +87% – those numbers are now being tested! In this video, you will discover: how this EW pattern and forecast was constructed why the Elliott Wave count was so accurate and why current levels […]Continue reading «2015 FORECAST VIDEO has just been released!»

Preparing for a year-end video update!

The year-end is knocking on the door and we are preparing our annual video update of medium/long-term Elliott Wave forecasts for institutional clients and EW-Compass subscribers. Publication release is scheduled over the New Year. We can promise a few surprises this year with some new medium/long-term counts introduced that we haven’t shown in the past. […]Continue reading «Preparing for a year-end video update!»

S&P 500 daily analysis (EWT + Momentum study)

S&P 500 is topping. Yes, there are little doubts about that, the only question left is do we have one more additional upswing prior to staging the big decline or not? Last week we showed deteriorating weekly market internals, today we focus on the daily chart. Basis our preferential Elliott Wave count, the advance that […]Continue reading «S&P 500 daily analysis (EWT + Momentum study)»

The Big Secret in Financial Markets

Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts! The northern hemisphere’s Summer Solstice is the opposite of the southern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice, the period of longest daylight/nightfall, scheduled for this coming Saturday, 21st June. The balancing of day/night is just one dualistic aspect of our universe and a reminder of the one which also epitomises the dualistic concept found […]Continue reading «The Big Secret in Financial Markets»

Trading below the ‘Big Day’

S&P 500 and Dow are back below the price levels traded just before the FED announcement of prolonging the bond buying programme. S&P 500 has hitted a perfect target that day (measured by a fib. 61.8% correlation ratio between waves 1-3 and 5), momentum as shown on daily Dow chart is waning and is close […]Continue reading «Trading below the ‘Big Day’»

Dow at the new all-time high!

Back in December 2010 when Dow was trading at 11500 we have made a forecast for a break to the new all-time high during the next few years. For the record, please take a look at the video we have published in our site: https://www.wavetrack.com/outlook-forecasts-2011.html Yesterday Dow broke to the all-time high confirming our ‘inflation-pop’ […]Continue reading «Dow at the new all-time high!»

Dow Jones 30

The Dow Jones is already approaching original upside targets at 13356.80. This means that any reversal from current levels would validate the resumption of the larger downswing from 13588.70. Downside targets to be achieved during the next few months remain towards 12221.50-069.40. This forecast is negated above 13588.70. Shorter-term, a break below 12765.30 would confirm […]Continue reading «Dow Jones 30»

Dow Jones 30

As the Dow Jones Industrial has already exceeded the preceding 13367.30 low, the contracting-symmetrical triangle pattern unfolding as minute wave 4 from the September high of 13653.20 has been changed into an expanding flat sequence. Short-term downside objectives measure to 13300.70 – a reversal from there would trigger the finalising upswing to min. 13823.60 and […]Continue reading «Dow Jones 30»

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