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Commodity Price Turn Ahead? Interview by Gail Fosler

NEWS ALERT | INTERVIEW by the Gail Fosler Group In a recent interview with Peter Goodburn by Gail Fosler important questions were raised Why could there be a major turn in Commodity markets? What impact this has for the global economy? Have central banks adopted policies of fostering inflation? Read more here http://goo.gl/BqpYbk About the […]Continue reading «Commodity Price Turn Ahead? Interview by Gail Fosler»

ANNOUNCEMENT – PART II – VIDEO LAUNCH for Commodities & Currencies!

The latest edition of the Elliott Wave Compass report has just been released and WaveTrack’s long awaited Commodity and Currency video! Learn why Commodities & Currencies (PART II) – Commodity declines of the last few years are now approaching important downside targets that complete 3½+/- year corrective patterns that began in early 2011. Copper, Crude […]Continue reading «ANNOUNCEMENT – PART II – VIDEO LAUNCH for Commodities & Currencies!»

Crude Oil | 5 Waves Up! – Confirms Upside Momentum

For the first time in several months, Crude Oil has staged a five wave impulse upswing from a residual low, in this case, from the 44.20 level traded last Tuesday. This confirms a meaningful reversal-signature has occurred with upside continuity assured during the next several trading days to next levels at minimum 56.19+/- or max. […]Continue reading «Crude Oil | 5 Waves Up! – Confirms Upside Momentum»

Crude Oil Elliott Wave Update

Crude Oil prices are stretching lower during the last week adding to recent accelerated declines that began from June’s secondary highs. By every measure, prices are now in a state of being oversold with sellers reacting to higher stockpiles and production levels from OPEC remaining unchanged. But within the context of the preceding upswing that […]Continue reading «Crude Oil Elliott Wave Update»

Preparing for a year-end video update!

The year-end is knocking on the door and we are preparing our annual video update of medium/long-term Elliott Wave forecasts for institutional clients and EW-Compass subscribers. Publication release is scheduled over the New Year. We can promise a few surprises this year with some new medium/long-term counts introduced that we haven’t shown in the past. […]Continue reading «Preparing for a year-end video update!»

Crude Oil

Crude oil continues to trade in a very complex pattern sequence since establishing its upswing from January’s low of 91.24 into the March high of 105.22. Our latest short-term update describes a subsequent three wave decline from 105.22 into the March low at 97.28 followed by three waves up into the April high of 104.99 […]Continue reading «Crude Oil»

Crude Oil

The advance from the 1st of May low of 98.74 is seen as a counter-trend rally that is balancing the preceding sell-off from 102.20. The entire decline from 104.10 (outright contract) or 104.99 (continuation chart) can be labelled as a 1-2-1 sequence which limits current upside potential – the 102.20 high should not be broken […]Continue reading «Crude Oil»

Crude oil

No immediate change. Price target for minuette wave [ii] has been achieved at 97.37. (Become an EW-Compass report subscriber and see how this pattern continues to develop and what’s coming up in the larger time-series). Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to […]Continue reading «Crude oil»

Crude oil

Last week’s advance broke above the 96.54 level transforming the counter-trend zig zag upswing from 94.41 into a more complex expanding flat pattern. This counter-trend rally remains as minuette wave [ii] but remains incomplete with revised upside targets towards 97.30-37. Price targets for minuette wave [ii] are measured this way: first, extending sub-minuette wave (a) […]Continue reading «Crude oil»

Crude Oil

  Crude oil short-term chart represents nice Elliott Wave patterns. Yesterday we mentioned that from the top of 98.29 crude oil depicts a step-like series of g 1’s and 2’s. It could be that another smaller 1 and just finished couple of minutes before. Today it maintains unfolding in the same manner. The only thing […]Continue reading «Crude Oil»

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