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by m.tamosauskas| June 18, 2014 | No Comments

Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts!

The northern hemisphere’s Summer Solstice is the opposite of the southern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice, the period of longest daylight/nightfall, scheduled for this coming Saturday, 21st June. The balancing of day/night is just one dualistic aspect of our universe and a reminder of the one which also epitomises the dualistic concept found in the Elliott Wave Principle, of action/reaction, progress/regress, trend/counter-trend – you already know this well!

You might think this is an obvious comparison, but let me tell you something – the opening sentence of R.N.Elliott’s ‘Nature’s Law’ (1946) seems a million miles away in today’s consciousness: ‘No truth meets more general acceptance than the universe is ruled by law’. Well, can you honestly say that the majority of people in finance today generally accept that the universe is ruled by law!? – the reality is quite the opposite – recent studies have shown that over 90% of professional fund managers consider fundamental statistics and relative news-flows are more important factors that drive price movement than any governing universal laws! But don’t let that fool you – break out of the herd and stay ahead.

I’ve recently returned to my birthplace, London, presenting WaveTrack’s latest Elliott Wave ‘inflation-pop’ forecasts to over 300+ delegates at BLOOMBERG’s Precious Metals Forum. It was interesting to note that most were ambivalent about the price outlook of Gold/Silver/Platinum even though it was their business! – this is not an isolated case – I’ve come across this time and time again, all over the world within major fund management companies. It’s as if the bombardment of news-flows via all the latest mobile gadgets is slowly inducing the masses into a coma!

During the last two-and-a-half years, stock markets, and particularly those of the U.S. have been trading into record highs – and following the BULLISH path outlined in WaveTrack International’s annual price forecasts for 2011 – revisit the forecast here:


Were you able to benefit from this advance? – one aspect that returns to thoughts of ‘universal law’ is TRUST. Without trust in the analysis, how can anyone benefit from the results of a forecast that projects the S&P 500 trading higher by over by more than 700 points! Trust has to be earned, then experienced by each of us. In the 2011 annual S&P forecast, emphasis was given to another universal law, perhaps more of a universal ‘guideline’, that of Ratio and Proportion. We all know of the pattern repetition concept of the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP) but we must also learn to trust in the dimensions of those 13 patterns that R.N.Elliott discovered. Not all patterns unfold to the perfection that is playing out in the zig zag advance that started the S&P’s advance from the March ’09 lows, but the BIG SECRET is that most actually do! Now it’s time to update the S&P’s progress, and many other stock markets from around the world!

We are pleased to announce the update of medium and long-term Elliott Wave STOCK INDICES price-forecasts is now available in the latest SEMI-ANNUAL video release.  This is PART I of a two-part publication and it is absolutely FREE when you subscribe to the EW-Compass report. I won’t try and convince you that it’s worth every cent because in reality, it’s true value can’t be measured – it’s worthless to the unbeliever, priceless to its dualistic counter-part!…take a look at some of our subscriber’s comments from the last video series…


Familiarise yourself with many of the major markets – there are 44 chart updates together with guidance from our analysis of cycle periodicities. It all add to an intriguing look at what is likely ahead during the next several months, but also the next several years.

The main content updates stock index markets of America, Europe, Asia and Australasia but more importantly, synchronises each of the ongoing Elliott Wave price patterns into a cohesive matrix of price development – this is very different to mainstream Elliott Wave analysis that continues to publish major contradictions and discrepancies comparing forecasts for U.S. and Asian indices.

The video also describes why Asian and Emerging Market indices have underperformed during the last few years relative to the U.S. and Europe, and why it will gain ground and even outperform later this year and onwards for another 12-18 months.

To gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to watch the video, subscribe to the EW-Compass report, open the software and in the main-menu summary page, click on the PART I, STOCK INDICES link – it’s that simple!

And don’t forget to send us your comments once you’ve watched the video – we gain so much from your feedback and sharing this with everyone will inevitably take us all forward!

All the very best to you,

Peter Goodburn


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